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Kristian Köhntopp @Isotopp

@Frankenbeans This is every discussion about trolls in USENET ever, 30 years ago. Welcome to a decentralized, autonomous server operator world. It's like this, by design - unbannable people, people getting more accounts, people that annoy you. The only thing that works is filtering at the reader end, killfiling, collaborative killfiling. Everything else - nope. Getting people off the network - nope, especially when they operate their own servers or networks.

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@Isotopp If you haven't discovered it yet, it seems useful and could use exposure. Sadly you and everyone else need to sign in for the matching to work. Managed to find two people immediately though, so net win. Wonder how hard it would be to add G+ support to it.

Q: Is there a realtime-updating network overview with zoomable historical data?

A: Yes:

Screenshot showing 2 days of data as of 12 April, 2017.

@PhantaNews Dachte ich mir schon, wollte nur sicher gehen.

After pressing the CW (Content Warning) Button, the screen looks like this: Text above the fold is visible directly, below after a click.

This is my newest placeholder account.