Man I really really REALLY wish there was a way to boost things as unlisted or boost with a content warning. has some good shit but I can't just be shitting up the TL with it T_T

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@Irina that's a good feature request oh, something like tumblers reblog but you can edit stuff and add on to it?

@DJWalnut Adding onto posts like on Tumblr would be great too! Though editing the content of other people's posts when you boost them might be too easily abused T_T

@Irina I suppose there are good reasons not to consider it, but if you had an interface where you could easily see that you're drunk, you're quoting, and the software had mechanisms to ensure that only the original sin they all can be authenticated as there's which bee sees you using public key cryptography then it shouldn't end up being a problem. I'd only use Tumblr for a few months before the porn band so I don't really know much about how reblog feature was used and abused over the years so can you fill me in on that?

@DJWalnut To be honest I'm not super familliar with tumblr myself so I'm not the best source of information on this.

Tumblr let you respond to posts and used a nested style that made it clear who said what. My reservations about letting people edit the content of other people's toots in a boost isn't linked to tumblr so much as it is linked to how I've seen people on the internet edit screenshots and such to prove their case, and how people don't do their due diligence in finding proof.

@Irina i've seen folks do like, a copy/paste, then CW with "boost with CW: (relevant CWs)
start the post w a link to the OP/their handle then the body of the post following

sorta like how RTs on twitter used to be manual tbh. it's more effort to do but occasionally worth it

or u can do it without the msg body and just do like "link to toot without cw; relevant cws: (blah blah)" in the CW field and put the link under that

@aflightybroad That's a decent alternative, albeit a bit primitive. I do hope that Mastodon adds a better way in the future, but this works for now! c:

@Irina unfortunately i think it's a pretty tough nut to crack w the type of platform this is and the way threads display around the fediverse! like, adding CWs to other people's posts sounds nice in theory but also is pretty open to becoming a weird harassment tool on its own

(like, adding a CW but using it as one might have used a quote tweet on twitter, like a 'look at this shit' tactic instead of a polite addition...)

@aflightybroad Ah, that's true... though if Mastodon told you in your notifications that your toot was boosted with a CW and showed what the CW is, it'd be pretty easy to block people who are harassing you. Putting a character limit on CWs would also help!

@Irina i mean the option to block is indeed always there but not all activitypub implementations respect it the same way, and boosting a post (rather than replying) can potentially expose it to a way broader audience, which is a harassment method on its own 'n can lead to online swarming.
(see again: twitter and quote tweets)

i don't really wanta limit on CWs personally bc of how i use them

@aflightybroad Fair point, this is a pretty prickly issue. I'd say instances not respecting blocks the same way is an issue in and of itself that needs to be solved, as well.

@Irina it's something that'd have to be solved way down at the base level with activitypub itself, because like, pleroma, mastodon, pixelfed and gnusocial all treat it a little differently i'm pretty sure

a lot of devs on a lot of different platforms that all interact makes it .. p complex

def agree it should be solved but also got no idea how that happens bc i'm a fool of computers so it's not like i can help lol

@aflightybroad It'll probably get fixed with a lot of people bitching until they finally realize standardization is a good thing :P

@Irina the battle of decentralization vs standardization ..

some of them take more or less processing power to run - like pleroma is more lightweight and easy to set up, mastodon needs more resources - that's the most obvious difference i know about
so it's not like everything can or should be standardized?

.. and it's open source so people CAN modify things from standard whenever they want, which is a feature in its own right, idk

too long a post sry

@aflightybroad Oh yeah, I agree that there's definitely value to the decentralized nature of all the different implementations. Especially for a platform that's meant to thrive off of it's decentralized nature.

I just think something like how blocks work should be standardized across all of them. Kinda like no matter how cheap & basic or expensive & fancy your computer might be, all of em have USB ports that work the same.

@Irina ya i agree and would like blocks to work good i'm just

.. very tired and thus have 0 filter and am rambling at great length about nothing in particular lmao
but yea Making Blocks Work Better Is Good, Please Do That Devs, Thank You,

@Irina addendum: gnusocial doesn't actually run on activitypub OOPS i thought it did
o well

@aflightybroad @Irina the only problem with that is I feel like I'm taking somebody else post as my own. CW are really important though so idk om the end : /

@CornishRepublicanArmy @Irina for me as long as there's thorough and clear attribution + link back, i don't mind it? i prefer it to boosting something with no CW when it's something you really really wanna share but know yr audience needs that CW for whatever reason

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