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politics - but this is funny 

I know trolling is bad but this administration deserves it.

I'm feeling guilty about neglecting my main web project. After 6 years, I've run out of enthusiasm for it. I've moved on to other things. But what do you do when people like it and tell you they want more?

I sit next to the guy that laughs at whatever he says. This is tiresome. I'm so grateful for white noise, I can't even express it.

It's really fine to post personal opinions and favorites on social media but when my entire newsfeed is people's lists of concerts they may or may not have attended, it has hit prime waste of space. Facebook is dead.

server is overloaded. I tried to send support. Still 29 days. I think this is a winner.

So I ditched the skeptical community entirely. It was dysfunctional. Now I'm trying to find an audience for my podcast while tribeless. You need to like reason, science, weird things, and The Young Ones. A niche audience.

I always pause when I'm trying to spell "queue". It's just unnatural to spell.

Received comment on a podcast from a guy who thought I was mistaken "due to lack on involvement" on an issue I've only been talking about for 20 years. His time in is MUCH less. Colleague comes by to inform me about sci communication until I tell him my Masters degree is in sci and public ed. Is this "assume Sharon is an idiot day" and someone forgot to tell me?

Getting rid of O'Lielly does little to improve the misinformation and warped agenda of Fox. Viewers still tune in even though it's revealed to be a den of sexist bigots and untruthful reporting.

I resigned from the only board I'm on. Six hours ago. Crickets... Ok then.

Meeting went too long. I was afraid that people would hear my stomach growling.

I do not trust people who threaten to sue about everything.

One of my pet peeves is community colleges offering complete bullshit under the guise of "continuing education". Jokers call themselves professors and teach nonsense.

Today I helped prevent a possible accident. Slowed and rerouted traffic when a car died on a blind turn until the police came.

What a marvelous day it was in my part of the world. Beautiful. Peaceful.

I spent a lot on plants and flowers around the house. But it's beautiful. Here's one of my favorites. African daisy (Osteospermum)

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