I wish I liked "neat videos" in place of news stories. I just don't. Takes too long. Not enough worthwhile content.

@Idoubtit I roll my eyes whenever I see a youtube link and move on.

@Idoubtit we're talented. We can see a page of text and glean what we want in as little or as much time as we want.

We're in control. No one is dictating the experience for us.

We're mindful. We use our time efficiently and in the ways that make the most sense.

We're not old. We're wise.

@Idoubtit totally agree. Since when has passively watching videos superseded reading and being able to extract meaningful information for ones self?

@ScottMortimer My kids hate reading. I'm crushed. I have always had books around. I even wrote one. Still they don't get it and sit and watch screens with videos for hours. Processing words is so much more involved than listening or watching.

@Idoubtit yeah, I understand. Funny thing is my son us a total YouTube nerd, but my daughter is a big reader. Keep hoping she'll rub off on him.

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