I'm not a fan of the popularization of the "nerd" label for those who are intelligent and prefer higher level social discussions, especially those regarding science. I think the label is limiting and passion for knowledge should be mainstreamed, not stereotyped. But, what do you think? I'd like to know.

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@Idoubtit not sure if mainstreaming and stereotyping are mutually exclusive, but haven't thought much about it.

@Idoubtit I think the nerd stereotype is more common in US compared to the rest of the world. At least in Europe or Latin America, it is not such a strong phenomenon in my opinion.

@Idoubtit Since nowadays being nerd is trendy, that popularization implies a "mainstreamization".

@Idoubtit I agree in principle. The appellations "nerd" and "geek" have largely become a touchstone or means of recognition for people who would like to communicate with other like-minded individuals. It has become a social protocol header that states we would rather discuss intelligently and creatively rather than simply dropping to some low common parlance about the inane and banal drudgery of quotidian, modern life.

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