Saw something funny in the elevator this AM. A young, hip, lithe woman with earbuds and lovely butterfly tattoos gets in followed by an older, less stylish woman. The latter gave her SUCH an evil scanning up and down. I can't believe the former didn't notice but she was happily in her own head. But I noticed. It was wicked. I've never seen such an obvious but silent elevator bitch (verb) before.

FB and birdsite are havens of people giving me advice that I didn't ask for, assuming I'm dumb. No my back pain is NOT a fucking heart attack. No I'm not using herbal meds. No I don't need you to tell me about when to walk my dog. GODDAMN IT. People need to shut UP!

So you've heard about apparitions and hauntings that seem to play like a tape recording? There is a "theory" called the "Stone Tape" used by para-celebs.

Oh fucking crap. It's Mothers Day weekend. I hate holidays.

I can't gracefully handle situations when I have to hear people tell me how awful my philosophy, group, or values are and I'm not allowed to respond or my response is ignored. But that's what things are like these days. So my frustration is getting internalized. And it's bound to come out inappropriately when I don't want it to. So apologies in advance for ripping your face off. You don't deserve that overreaction.

You know a report is bad when your first comment would be "go read Wikipedia to get real information".

Sudden onset of muscle cramping in my upper middle back. Is this muscle spasms? I didn't do anything! Was just sitting. It hurts to breathe. I'm at work so I can't lie down. Or drink vodka. 😣

I wish I liked "neat videos" in place of news stories. I just don't. Takes too long. Not enough worthwhile content.


When the administration comes clean about Russia, and Trump stops calling Sen. Warren Pocahontas and slandering news orgs, THEN it will be unfair to call him a cocksucker. Until then, what a bunch of pathetic, hypocritical crybabies they are.

Why do those people cutting traffic queues and tailgating me to go faster (in a school zone, even) always seem to be driving pickup trucks? observation. Happened this morning.

Never tell me how to feel: "calm down" "chill" "smile". How do you feel when I tell you to PISS OFF?

I'm not a fan of the popularization of the "nerd" label for those who are intelligent and prefer higher level social discussions, especially those regarding science. I think the label is limiting and passion for knowledge should be mainstreamed, not stereotyped. But, what do you think? I'd like to know.

Did I go to the Trump rally in my town today? 

FUCK NO. But, I'll tell you, team penning and the tractor pull events get more spectators at this venue than this pathetic pair of jokers. What a disgrace!

Personal admission: When Live Aid was broadcast, my cable was out. You have never seen a kid so fucking angry. Watching disc 3 right now. God, I'm old. But all these performers are older.

I'm in the slow lane at the supermarket. But aren't they all slow.

It's dark. Really dark. And my neighbor is mowing his lawn. He doesn't have headlights. Also, he is a jerk.

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