Am I too much pessimistic to think on Christmas and that we can still be under a pandemic there? 😞

covid-19, capitalism 

why did every american pro sports league suspend play weeks ago while other businesses are hemming and hawing and fucking shit up? two reasons.

1. every pro sports league in the USA is unionized.

2. a large proportion of people who work for pro sports are quite well off financially and don't necessarily need to work for the near future to survive.

quΓ£o hilΓ‘rio seria se os italianos fossem rejeitados mundo afora da mesma forma que salvini e diversos conterrΓ’neos fazem com os refugiados do oriente mΓ©dio

If someone is on and wants to add... This is my key


We live in a world full of Scrooges. Where violence of all kind is the norm, being kind is being the resistence!

I'll say here. Saw Lion King, the live action. Never saw the cartoon (had some references on the Timon and Pumbaa show)... It was a very good movie. The so called National Geographic narrative worked for me. I felt it could had been better but it was a very fun and interesting movie.

Do you know someone (or are you someone) who does book cover illustrations? Send me your links, please...I'm shopping for a cover for a fantasy fiction novel.

Y'all prolly saw this, but I really like what @kiramagrann wrote about running Monsterhearts, because it's good, no-bullshit, and running Monsterhearts is on my mind: ο»Ώο»Ώ


I'm playing a ongoing Do: Fate of the Flying Temple campaign, and we're on need of more players. Beginners are welcomed, no experience needed. Lighthearted setting, so doesn't expect combats (at least not too much)

The games are played via Discord, at Sundays, 5pm CDT (10pm UTC). If you want to know about the adventure, there's session reports at pilgrimsoftheflyingtemple.tumb

Those interested, please join us at Discord:

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