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Other game designers and devs to stay informed about? Sure I've got some suggestions there too.

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Fuck CD Projekt Red for so many reasons, including and (probably) not limited to transphobia, using crunch in development, using the flashing light sequence used to trigger and diagnose seizures in the game, and cultural appropriation. 1/?

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Hey hi hello yes educating and raising and helping the young humans you brought into the world is actually just as important as any other Political Work you do in your life.

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hi, I'm Holly
🌸 I grew up in so-called Canada on Ts'mysen Laxyuup and Stó:lō land
🌸 Silverspook of @silverspookgames is my partner and I live with him in Hawai'i
🌸 I have two kids, M (9) and Z (6) and we are home-educating since 2017
🌸 I am a moderator for Silverspook live streams as well as Kate Nyx's Lullaby Lounge streams
🌸 I support Hawai'i sovereignty, Land Back, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and more
🌸 I make art and voice act in Silver Spook Games projects (iconoclast queen) 😉

My whole life, my government has been telling me who to be afraid of, but Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, etc. never starved my friends, denied me medical care or made my neighbors homeless. I know who my enemies are.

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Homeless polymimetic gynoid: "'Artisan gestator' was my official title. They have stand-alone artificial wombs, grow heirs in your parlor. But for the Neofeudal elite, a handmaiden is a status symbol. Sadistic snobs."
(Neofeud 2 scene)
Neofeud 1:

👏normalize👏bullying👏rich people👏for👏being👏rich

If the US banned flaunting wealth and making fun of the poor, most of its TV shows, movies, celebrities, major influencers, and overall culture would be vaporized.

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Don't mind me, just sharing some updates from my link hoard ❤️ Realized I hadn't updated that thread in a bit!

Braided Warriors - Indigenous youth in səl̓ilw̓ətaʔɬ, sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm territories defending the land and the people from capitalist colonial violence

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Remember when magneto killed that nazi guy with the coin? That fuckin owned

My friends--who stream almost every day to raise emergency funds--are planning a full fledged fundraising stream. It will begin Friday 15 of February at 11am Pacific time, and finish Monday 22 at 5pm Pacific time.

This is to raise emergency money to home two trans girls. If you can come and/or spare a few dollars, it'll be going to a cause that's very important to me!

Help some comrades in precarious housing situations out! I will be joining in on the fundraiser stream on Saturday!

Indigenous water protectors and allies are blocking work roads being used to move contractors and equipment for Enbridge’s contested Line 3 tar sands pipeline project:

Kiddos are making a second level in their "Snake Farmer" Scratch games today with @silverspookgames . Level one, they both started with growing kalo but for level two, 6 is growing ti leaves and 9 is growing an 'ulu tree 💚🐍🌱

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