i dont care anymore

ive been up for around 50 hrs at this poitn and i cant go to sleep

if ive been up for yhis long i might as well find a way to make this much worse

i drank a 180mg caffeine energy drink just now

i dont feel like doing much of anything anymore
another day of my friends ignoring me like always
only one (1) person even returned a message to me
cant seem to connect with people that well online or offline
didnt go well the last time i tried to make friends with someone
im having more people i considered my friends shuttering their accts now
maybe theyre trying to get away from me
no one fucking cares

i found a razor so now im gonna see how much i can cut myself with it before it becomes dull

mental breakdown march was cancelled this year, guess I gotta make up for it and start cutting myself again

i dont think most of my friends like me anymore
most of them won't respond to any messages i send them

it's almost 3am
i know no one is seeing this right now because fedi has a userbase of -5 people now
my irl friends rarely talk to me anymore
one hasn't returned me a message in nearly a month even though ive been trying to talk to them every day
just sort of expecting one of these days to try to send a message to most of them and getting a "message not sent, not in friends list" message on discord because i don't think most people want me around anymore

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i get annoyed when i see people younger than me who are very skilled at something because it reminds me about how I basically squandered my life up to now. even then im mad at people my age who seem to have their entire life planned out because I can't even fucking figure out what to even do most the time. im not wealthy or competent enough to go to college or even pick a subject im slightly interested in.

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Pshaw. Turing machines are so inefficient! Just copy a cell that implements Conway's Life.


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Seeing xkcd nowadays just reminds me of a simpler time

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remind me not to put cheese in charge of any calculation tasks

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you know society is ASS-FUCKED when people spend more time reading "Bibles", than wiritng them

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(logging on 6 months later and dropping a pile of citations on the timeline) Ok. Where is this purported "bible eater". Who among you is the one which supposedly "eats bibles"

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Block rec, mention of antisemitic hate 

A user on collapsitarian.io just replied "gas the jews" to me

Use that information however you see fit

That instance was suspended from scholar, though


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greenwich mean time is when i log on to talk shit on Euros

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Black Autistic Trans fundraiser—cw: abuse 

We are getting there, and I want to say that to everyone who has given $ to this fundraiser for my friend, it’s a person’s survival and healing from multiple levels of harm that you are funding. Please keep boosting.

[Full img caption in reply to this toot]

Raised: 3265/7500$
funds will be used for housing, food, T, therapy
give them their flowers.
venmo @TaiCK payPal.me/CranioWithTai
I will redistribute to them to protect their privacy/safety

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