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I remember back in 2014 where I could actually enjoy my summer vacation
Now I have severe anxiety that I have zero control over
Constant anxiety and panic attacks
I'm scared for many things
I wish I could just go back to 2014, the absolute last year I actually was able to just sit down and enjoy myself

I'm going to have to contact a therapist sooner or later
The person that caused all of this is really scummy because I have no doubt that he's done this before, he's made a career making people afraid like this
He likely responded with "ask me later' when I emailed him because he probably forgot where he found the thing I'm asking him about
He probably doesn't even care that he's probably made countless people scared out of their minds

today my parents took everyone, including me, to go see the new Godzilla film
That movie wasn't a very enjoyable experience
It triggered a lot of anxieties for me and the film as a whole was very upsetting to watch

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I remember back on September 28th, 2014 when this type of anxiety first appeared to me.
I saw a YouTube video about the thing in question and it disturbed me for a fairly long two months, it was until November 14th that it went away, when I had it hammered into my mind from another event that the thing I was scared about was not going to happen.

It's because of this person that I desperately need to go to therapy.
But I'm scared because therapy can't change anything about that thing.

I've been trying to get an answer out of them for almost a year now, and they've taken around half a year to respond the first time I reached out to them. Another 6 months and they told me to "ask me again later"
I really need their answer right now because it's one of my main concerns. It's directly tied to my anxiety because they just mentioned it without actually referring to it by name. And I'm really scared of the thing because I don't know the current status of that thing.

I remembered why I had that feeling of dread.
And I wished I hadn't.
It had something to do with that person I emailed a while back.
I'm scared that he won't give me the answer I want.

ihave all of these mental isseus going on i didnt need my phone to wipe itself as well

my phone just did a complete factory reset by itself again. didnt need to deal with this along with everything else
all of my data is gone
definitely not choosing a samsung for my next phone

I've done everything I could, I guess I'm fine now, but there's this feeling of dread that I can't shake off

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All of my problems are completely out of my control now. I need some kind of therapy but I'll have to wait until August.

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I'm sorry to anyone following me
But I'm going through a very rough time right now

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