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Hacking with Care @HackingWithCare@octodon.social

MÃOZADA - The Handshake : A (tactical) hands massage manual


We are happy to share a manual we have created for everyone to enjoy simple yet powerful hands massage.

You are free to print, copy, circulate, and remix as you please. It was conceived as a gift; please use it as such.

Love to our friends and to all those yet-strangers who will become friends after a good handshake! <3

A few words on ethical conduct in massage

* Always observe the precautions and contraindications, consult...
* No discriminative or prejudiced speech, attitude or behaviour, no violence, harassment..
* Observe hygiene and safety rules..
* Be transparent and honest about your actual qualifications ..
* Do not give a massage to someone who is not quite sure they want one..

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