Grief, pets, - 

This year has been so bad for so many, it feels weird to complain about my little problems.

But my dog got cancer, went on hospice and died this summer and I've just been such a mess. And I haven't actually told a few of my friends because they lost humans they love.

My lions are about to drag away the adult woman in group chat who just excitedly informed me that fruit comes from flowers! They start off on trees as flowers and then become fruit!

I don't know what to say other than "That's such a cool thing to discover today!" But soon she'll be in the tall grass.

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Folks, here are some lions. They would like to eat what's worrying you. Let them loose, like the kids from The Veldt. What are they chewing on out there in the grass?

Dog: Need to go outside.
Me: Ug, but it's raining!
Dog: Need outside now!
Me: Okay, I guess if it's important...
Dog: *Hurries out to drink rainwater from puddles because it's different than bowl water*

I've been having to fake mom in the real quite a bit these past few days and in the words of a favorite dad-rocker: lord, I'm discouraged.

Anyway, I hope you all are being good to yourselves. <3

Communities and predators 

It's painful to be reminded that people who abuse or harass aren't all monsters, but sometimes our loyal friends and respected colleagues. They do good, too, and the desire to extricate that good is strong.

When we give in to the cognitive dissonance, though, we push the victims out of the spaces the predators exist in. We're left with hollowed out communities, robbed of so much heart.

FUN FACT: did you know that left handed people already know all the facts you like to tell them about being left handed? It's true!

I've decided to read @Gogogadgetpants's handle as "Gogo Gad, get pants."

Gogo Gad is always going around pantsless. Come on, Gogo.

Good morning from the loudest woodpecker I've ever heard. Industrial strength.

I am super angry, so of course the grouchier cat wants to lay on my chest and lick my nose.

Out on my walk today, and one of my neighbors had a bunch of aloe sitting out by the side walk for people to grab. We had free daffodils earlier this season. It's so nice when neighboring gardens share the love!

As a joke, someone sent me 20 pounds of spaghetti.

As of June 25, my partner is getting laid off from her job as a writing center director at CSU Global, a management position that sees her managing ~30 people plus updating website content & organizing data into understandable chunks. She's a professional writer, editor, English teacher, writing consultant, and instructional designer. Most of her experience is in higher ed, but her skills are infinitely portable.

If anyone knows of or comes across any positions or jobs that would be a good fit for her, please let me know! Also, her website is at if you want to share it.

I am of the position that this is a rights violation on par with letting your cat see the bottom of it's food dish.

Is it inhumane to make people watch a cooking show about chocolate when there is no chocolate in the house?

Sweeties, you all deserve to exist. I don't know what else to tell you, it's just true.

I woke up late and I need to hit the ground running. I just left myself a sticky note reminding me that I made an extra cup of coffee for later this morning and to drink some water while I'm at it. Future me needs every bump she can get.

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