Good American Morning Peoples and Non-Peoples.

Quick TOot for ya, so me and my buddy just finished up work on his first album, He has been playing classical piano for years, William Kline. Check it out if ya have a few minutes and want to go on a journey. :)

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anti nuclear greens make me very upset


You dont want coal, ok good im with you.

You dont want pipelines, also good im there.

And you also dont want nuclear? Like if you dont want nuclear, your getting a pipeline thats just how it works.

Your solar farm needs a gas peaker plant and that means a pipeline.

Your own activism ensures the pipeline. Stop that.

Hey Fam,
So if you saw i am now making Midi Controllers.
I WAS ON A PODCAST :) ask me i sound like an idiot, but it was my first time. Check it out.

TheMidiBoss just got "corporate sponsorship" old job has tried for 4 years to replace me as database admin for a really weird system, they are begging me to come back, 85$ an hour i can work as much or as little and a bunch from home.

and im just getting started. and im gonna flood yall with tons of stuff soon. hopefully yall will like my little songs made with hacked ancient tech.

for now here is a youtube of one of my WIP art projects.

and now i make midi controllers out of recycled Organs !!!!!!!!!!! (and kids toys)

Hey Fam!!!!!!!!!!! been hiding out for a while

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i like it. its like the 80's had a hangover :p

Hey kittens. Long year finally over. Trying to recover and make music. Expect some tasty sounds from my new midi rigg in a few days. :)

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finished ds9 yesterday, wife started watching discovery today. the difference is so jarring. this really has nothing to do with star trek except the names.
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so I mentioned video synthesis a couple of days ago and just stumbled upon an australian company that makes modular synth stuff called "Cat Full of Ghosts" (chosts?)

they have a line of really neat looking hardware video synth modules!

I feel like the next 3 songs out of the gate are all going to try to hurt riddms feelings... as in, i am trying to get it wrong, and see what it sounds like.... ???

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I used to do dark-only themes but it's better to let everything light so my eyes don't shock when accessing websites without stylish themes. If you are a f.lux user and uses light themes, the darkroom mode is cool for reading at night.
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Apparently "World Hello Day" both exists, and is today (2017-11-21)

So uh... hello?

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It 100% died...fuck now i actually have to build it

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Me: *bouncing on a yoga ball, playing with a stim toy, and listening to ASMR videos*

What, this is how real adults get shit done, right?

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