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All that fixing for last couple of days and laptop still randomly shutdowns

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[Reading] "The History of Rewriting PHP", The History of the Web by Jay Hoffmann (@jay_hoffmann)

Ok, cleaned laptop of dust and put new thermopaste. Now I'm doing some stress test. How long should I run it to be sure that everything is good?

Turns out Google Play Books can store notes in doc in Google Drive. Now I need to figure out how to get does notes to Emacs Org-mode

time to go sleep g'night people of internet

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re-watching Ghost in the Shell, because why not

I've cut my hair. Yes, no? What do you all think?

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Hey all,

I'm writing a book called "The Mediocre Programmer". It's a book for those who are struggling with being a modern developer. What makes it different is it's not a technical book on how to get more better more faster but rather it's about understanding that just by working towards becoming better you're already on the path to becoming a better programmer.

If you'd like to track my progress please request an invite here:

(It'll 404 because the repo is private)

I've spend few hours playing Forest. First run - instadead. Second run - so far so good. So far very good, climatic game with great story.

I finally got SSD for my laptop and it feels like new. Not that it's blazing fast, but good enough that I don't need to buy new one.

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I finally had time to put my Emacs dotfiles on github. Here they are:

Nothing fancy there.

First toot from mastodon.el. Very fun and interesting way to interact with Mastodon.

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