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Next time you want to say things like "hackers broke into this system" or "hackers stole credit card numbers", please replace the word "hacker" with "cyber criminal".

Let's stop exacerbating the mainstream media's misunderstanding of the word "hacker".

In my last presentation, I almost wrote the sentence "Centralized systems are honeypots for hackers" and then replaced "hackers" with "cyber criminals".

#hacker #hacking #CyberCrime

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Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead.

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my gender is Gamer and my pronouns are Fort/Nite

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disappointing that “growth hacker” doesn’t refer to some hydroponic demoscene

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There are only 14 possible calendar configurations. You can reuse your 2013 calendar in 2019.

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@starbreaker @mari

The communist factory had little consideration for money or supply/demand. They had a quota and a central demand to produce ovens. So they produced ovens and then tens of thousands of those were rotting under open-air weather.

Without a decentralized feedback mechanism, how do you know what people want or need? No central committee, even with 21st century digitized data-based planning can accurately approximate that.

OMG why did it took so long for me to realise that I can write all my posts in markdown and use git for version control and backup

Of course the head[phones are not working. I have this problem with almost every linux distro. Sound is working, plugin headphones - silence. Checked pavucontrol and sound card recognise the headphones. Yes, the headphones are not broken.

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After few hours spend with nixos I wonder why people think it's hard to use linux distro? I spend more time and had more problems setting up Arch Linux the same way I have NixOS setup now and the best part? I can just copy config file and recreate this system any time

Step 1. Install NixOS
Step 2. Install browser and Emacs
Step 3. ...
Step 4. Profit

It's middle of the night (almost 4 am to be precise) and I have working laptop with i3, browser and Emacs. I think I'm done for now.

I know that VS Code is one of the best editors for JS development, but would prefer to use Emacs for that.

I'm looking for recommendation of setups for JS dev

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