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Because I have big problem with getting friends and especially getting people to know me, I figured out that I should do some fact sheets about me as part of my

I love Windows 10 and Office 365. Yes I know you want to kill me at this point. After 10 years of using Linux I got back to Windows (8.1 era) and fell in love with it. I even had Windows Phone

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An exciting announcement, solarpunk Show more

The other app alternative I'm looking for is Day One. Yes, I know I could just do text file, but I want something that fetches data from other sources. So I would have not only my journals in one place but all the data from Fitbit, my toots, photos maybe and other stuff.

If I want to build Andorid app today, what are my options?
1. Java/Kotlin - which I don't know
2. c# and Xamarin - same as with Java
3. ReactNative (JS)
4. PWA
5. what else?

Funny thing out of does three mentioned. I know JS and a bit of React and is the easiest solution to create not only mobile but a desktop app to. And, kids, that is how you get gazillion electron apps.

are there any open source alternatives to Foursquare/Swarm.

What I want is ability to check in at some places, just like swarm, and be able to export that data.

Basically I just need and easy way to track where I've been.

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Do you use windows at work, and #openbsd + #cwm at home? Get into good finger-memory habits by adding this to your .cwmrc:

# finger-memory matching windows win-l to lock screen
bind-key 4-l lock

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went with a kids to playground. I'm dying. Pls somebody take care of them when I'm gone

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Today I'm graphic/UI designer 😹

I'm quite nervous, because I never did a full web design. Just a small parts or some suggestions to someone else design. I hope they like what I'm preparing.

"Thus, a key element in this grand initiative is to support the development of the smaller platforms that can interact with the large and medium sized ones (DEV and others)." [1]

Isn't that reinventing ActivityPub?


I love coffee, green tea, black tea, water, juice, energy drink, soda, milk, almond milk, soy milk. You know anything that is wet

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marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE Show more

This is getting ridiculously bad:

Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed - The Block

Facebook has been quietly building out its cryptocurrency for over a year, and it looks like that time has been well spent, enlisting the support of some of the most prominent companies across payments, retail, and technology. As recently reported by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be governed by a consortium of firms …

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