I've spend about hour in Call of Duty Blackout and it's quite good. Closer to Fortnite than PUBG, but I like it. This is coming from someone who never played CoD online

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Hi people of internet. How's your day going? Mine - after yesterday fuckup I'm in brace yourself mode

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This year, Apple is redefining the word advanced. This is the most advanced definition of the word advanced yet. We’re calling it Advanced XS. With Advanced XS, Apple is taking the word advanced to the next level. This is a huge day for the word advanced.

Now, Jony Ive will repeat exactly what we just said in a British accent.

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A growing sickness in the heart
Distinctive lack of control
The cure is somewhere in the silence
But I'm crushed by the noise inside
Don't lock the door on me
You killed me face down dead
Another part of me, falls for you
Another day in the dark

Gojira - Stranded

Xmonad is amazing at positioning windows but everything else is pain in the... you get me. Would love to see some real DM with tiling. Something like Xfce. Yes, I know I can combine does two, but that dosen't give me that nice integration that I get when I stick with only xfce tools.

almost 12h of updating ports on . This time it goes pretty well. Only one "exit code" and that was because of ports merge.

Hopefully this update/rebuild will fix my segfaulting Firefox. It always crashes with some ptexture (if I remember correctly) error.

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One thing I very much like about #Emacs community is how they reply to a post like reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/9e where someone changes to #VSCode

After about week of using Windows with WSL I came back to FreeBSD. It's not easier to use and definitely less thinks work on it, but it's the one that I can bend to my will. Now time to make it as good or even better for normal user than Windows.

Would love to see again Unix as a valid alternative to OS X and Widnows and as strong as it was at 80's/90's

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This the reasone #1 I moved to Ireland. Grass and ocean

As a child I had some problem with sitting at a class and was getting bored quickly. At the same time math and other science related things was never a problem for me so everybody thought that was the reason. Nobody was speaking about ADHD back then, even on psychiatrist. I always couldn't finish projects and had just about thousands of them

After spending 1.5 day on reading about it I've started doing some things to make it go away.
1. Less coffee, almost no sugar at my diet.
2. I'll be doing exercises every working day (one 30 min session or four 15 min)
3. Try to maintain steady sleep schedule
4. I'll test Pomodoro technique where I work for 25 min and then walk around house for 5 minutes.

I've this helps then I'm good. If not I'll go to GP and get me diagnosed.

Lately I've been thinking if I have adult form of ADHD. My attention span is very short. Just writing this short text took me good few minutes. I can't sleep because my brain wont shut up. I'm very bad at estimating time need for work and getting to working on it. I can't even read one paragraph of text without my brain wondering of.

Today starts open beta of , I've been playing for last two days and have such a mixed feelings about this game. It feels and plays like a mix of BF4 and BF1.

It's time to play some Sims 4 on Xbox. Haven't played this game in ages

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