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Weather got better so it's time to go running

I'm learning to things at the same time: Emacs and Scala.This will definitely end well 😂

is there a better way of install dpkg's in then dpkg -i %package% and then apt install -f?

On the front of my personal productivity and org-mode I figured out that basically I can do everything the same way I did with Evernote. Oh and Orgzly is great client for Android.

Org-mode in Emacs is very cool. But it does so much that wrapping your head around it takes ages

Okey. Writing Emacs settings in org-mode is minde blowing. Especially part where I can export it to html

Bought 24" monitor today. My life has changed

As a Vim user switching to Emacs should I learn Emacs key bindings or just stick to Evil-mode?

Sad thing about my move to NetworkManger - Dnsmasq stopped working and so my local dev domains 😓

It's Monday so I started my day with extinguishing fire. To be honest it was mostly my fault 😂

Pros and cons of NetworkManager vs Wicd?

Ok. Idea of is very cool. I think Mastodon and scuttle complete each other the same way as Twitter and Facebook. One is instant and the other is well more about what happened and long posts

Okey, so are the tags a thing on Mastodon or not? Should I use them to "reach more people"

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I'm looking for work in #webdevelopment/#devops. If you know of a job opening that I might qualify for, or if you need work done in that area on a freelance basis, please let me know.

Here's my resume:

(You can also see some of my recent work at !)

If I want to go full open source Android, F-Droid instead of google play and without other stuff, what is the best device for this? Some Nexus? Something else?

Hi Mastodon 👋 What should I break today?