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Because I have big problem with getting friends and especially getting people to know me, I figured out that I should do some fact sheets about me as part of my

I love Windows 10 and Office 365. Yes I know you want to kill me at this point. After 10 years of using Linux I got back to Windows (8.1 era) and fell in love with it. I even had Windows Phone

I'm moving to You can follow me there under

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UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

Dublin trip 

Here is a picture of Cork I took on the way back. Just for compassion

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Dublin trip 

Dublin is one of the ugliest cities I sow in Ireland. Dirt everywhere, rotting, empty buildings and smell of poop and urine. It does have some beautiful landmarks, but compared to Cork (where I live now) it's heaven and earth.

child health care, spina bifida 

Yesterday we went to clinic in Dublin with my daughter. Here kidneys and bowl looks good. Which is big problem with here disability. Have few more test to be done, but overall everything is good. We still don't have wheelchair for here. The waiting line in Cork is 1 year, but Occupational Therapist in Dublin will try to get here one quicker.

So Pleroma now has BBS/ssh interface and again I'm thinking about switching. Hack even setting up my own instance. The only problems is that I'm worried I'll loose this small flock of followers I gathered here.

I finished my first coffee today. I need another one

I should really start to read whole toots before replaying

What is a good Mastodon client for iPad? Preferably one that I don't have to pay for.

I tryed Amaroq, but it's not designed for iPad and Gon won't connect to instance

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I want to be part of something but I'm part of northing

I miss the days when technology made me happy

Today is one of does days that I want to stay in bed and pretend the world don't exist. There was many of this days in recent years

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On this day a year ago we started with a small side project to host OpenBSD VMs on OpenBSD.

We couldn't imagine the interest that followed, 283 VMs, 8 hosts dedicated to vmm(4)/vmd(8).

Thank you all! And a huge thanks to @mlarkin, @reyk and Ori Bernstein


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The internet is a distributed system but it relies heavily on like four bottlenecks and is incredibly INCREDIBLY fragile

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