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when you recognize that harvesting wheat is intrinsically physically taxing 

no pain, no grain

despite nic cage, i am still just a rat in a rage

I'm not sure how much more leeway I should give this tree. Or bush. Or whatever.

i say "buck"

US politics 

So now we know. The President can incite, encourage, and approve, publicly, insurrection against the government of the United States, and, as long as he signs their bills, Congressional Republicans don't give a shit.

covid/capitalism bullshit, Call To Action 

Shoutouts to Arbitra Capital Partners LLC for forcing the closure of Heights Hospital in Houston over non-payment of debt.

It sure would be a shame if the only address I could find for them were inundated with letters shaming them for their actions.

Agent Address:

USA/israel politics joke 

america: wow, our senate took a whole week to reach a power-sharing deal!

israel: lol, amateurs.

US politics adjacent, the just-fking-google-it challenge 

"This is hearsay, not fact but I believe it" is the most internet phrase I've never heard.

It's not fact. This is the first time that ASL interpreters will be at white house press conferences on a regular basis under any president.

Just fking google it.

captain vs captain 

this reminds me of one of my favorite quirks of english, that "captain" and "captain" in the US navy can mean two different things. "captain" is a rank (pay grade O-6) above commander and below rear admiral (lower half). however, "captain" is also a position, referring to anyone who commands a ship.

someone holding the rank of captain may or may not command a ship, and the captain of a ship may or may not hold the rank of captain.

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captains rated by how much of a captain they are 

captain america: yes - US army

captain marvel : yes - US air force

captain caveman: no

captain kangaroo: no (but he was a PFC in the US marines)

captain planet: i don't think so?

captain kirk: yes - starfleet

captain jack sparrow: yes - by virtue of commanding a ship

captain morgan: oddly enough, yes - the rum was named after a real british privateer, sir henry morgan, so he's a captain by virtue of commanding his own ship

captain obvious: well, i don't think i have to tell you this one

internet meta 

*someone on the internet says that a politician did something horrible*
People: hmm, are you sure? is there any evidence? i'm gonna check politifact

*someone on the internet says that another random person on the internet did something horrible*
People: 😠 *share*

press A to jump
press B to dash
press Y to honk
press X to jason

US politics 

GOP senators who tweet incessantly and are on TV at least weekly and give as many interviewers to major publications as they want: help, i'm being censored!

everyone thought that yoda was a great jedi leader

but, in reality

he was just a puppet

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