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"the most mysterious song on the internet" 

TIL about the so-called "most mysterious song on the internet (possibly titled "like the wind" or "check it in, check it out").

an obvious 80s new wave song, it was allegedly recorded on a cassette tape from a radio broadcast in west germany sometime between 1982 and 1984. it was posted on the internet in 2007 because the person who recorded it found it on one of their tapes from back then and wanted to find whose song it was.

and that's more or less all that's known for sure about it. every search for its origins, both on the internet and in real life, have turned up absolutely nothing. and there have been entire communities of people around for years obsessed with this song, making it their hobby to try to find out where tf it came from, to a total and complete lack of success.

also it's a pretty legit song, i like it.

world of warcraft, gendered clothing 

it's nice seeing a woman in a fantasy setting who is NOT dressed in "sexy armor." (this is an NPC, not a player.)

US politics meme 

Me @ Republicans in Congress realizing that allowing Trump to remain in power could threaten their lives

re: viral marketing, ARG, hilarity 

OH SHIT I forget the best part! Columbia Records got wind of this at some point, and *some of the later campaign material TROLLED THE ARG PEOPLE*!

All these supposed internet sleuths got punk'd by a RECORD LABEL! 😂😂😂

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in the jungle
the mighty jungle
the lion's lost as shit

re: viral marketing, ARG, hilarity 

After the single dropped, the ARG believers finally admitted defeat, and the Discord server was signed over to one of the Harry Styles fans, who turned it into a legitimate Harry Styles fan server.

And all the nerds on the internet looked liked dumbasses while all the Harry Styles fangirls looked like geniuses.

Brilliant. Just amazing stuff. XD

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viral marketing, ARG, hilarity 

TIL that in late 2019 there was a viral marketing campaign to promote the then-upcoming release of the Harry Styles single "Adore You," which a bunch of people on the internet mistook for an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The campaign involved "ads" for a fictional island vacation destination named Eroda.

ARG believers created a Discord to talk about it, and not only ignored Harry Styles fans who "got it" right away, but *banned all mention of Harry Styles from the Discord*. Right up until the release of the single and music video (which heavily featured the island of Eroda), there were dozens of people on this Discord scrambling to make up any reason and/or conspiracy theory to convince themselves that this was a *new mysterious ARG (!!!)*, while at the same time putting their fingers in their ears and chanting "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" at Harry Styles fans who were tryna lay down truth bombs.

It is a *hilarious* story and I love it.

I just realized that Pinky and the Brain are BOTH named after parts of the body

US politics meme 

Me @ Republicans in Congress realizing that allowing Trump to remain in power could threaten their lives

US politics, capitol riot, flippant 

luckily, congressional democrats don't have to worry anymore about what images they should use in their 2022 reelection ads - they just have to use images of the idiot redneck fascists shitting all over the US capitol

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US politics, flippant 

Remember the time Republicans learned the valuable lesson that they should stop supporting fascist dictators BEFORE they engage in an attempted coup, but AFTER they lower taxes for corporations?

least surprising headline post capitol riot 

"Man pictured with foot on desk in Pelosi's office is arrested"

US politics, Nazi comparison 

In the past few years, I have repeatedly referred to Lindsey Graham as "Trump's Himmler."

And here he is, after the War is all but lost, attempting to surrender to the Allies and save his own bacon.

"Lindsey Graham says 'enough is enough' on Trump bid to overturn the election: 'Count me out'"

i have done one (1) constructive thing today

US politics, capitol right 

the trump admin officials who are resigning only now: remember that the only line they refused to cross in four years is armed insurrection against the united states.

the trump admin officials who are not resigning: remember that they've crossed every line, including armed insurrection against the united states.

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