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One of @stelepami's compatriots has apparently wandered down to Houston and ended up in front of me at the Jack in the Box drive thru

Does anybody have any good LGBTQIA+ resources in Saint Louis MO? A Coworkers kid came out to him recently and Id like to be able to provide some resources for him and her because he is somewhat unprepared for this

ducks never charge you for their work up front 

they bill you

while alex trebek often commented that he loved will ferrell's impression of him in SNL's "celebrity jeopardy" skits, i don't remember hearing if sean connery ever offered an opinion about darrell hammond's impression of him.

drawing, USpol but old 

Next in my "Terrible US President" series is Millard FIllmore, best known of course for inspiring the name of conservative political comic strip character Mallard Fillmore.

A member of the Whig Party, he was Zachary Taylor's Vice President and succeeded to the Presidency upon Taylor's death. However, nobody liked him, and he failed to get his Party's nomination when his term was up, making him the second-shortest-serving President who didn't die in office, after Gerald Ford.

He was the last President who was not a Republican or Democrat.

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drawing, ReMarkable tablet 

people at ReMarkable, probably: hey guys let's make a really great piece of hardware, but pack it with the most amazingly terrible software imaginable

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drawing, ReMarkable tablet 

Please observe how incredibly shitty the ReMarkable propriety software is compared to the 3rd Party software that I found.

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USB-C stands for "USB-Can't we just decide on one goddamn standard and stick with it??? >:("

Subtoot but not serious 

Approximately half the people I follow are actually defunct Siina accounts

There are approximately 17,000 wrecks on I-10 in Houston today, could people chill out and stop driving like maniacs???


apparently the remarkable tablet's stock export software is just a pile of garbage. i found a 3rd-party app that supposedly does better exports, but i'll have to wait until later to have time to futz with it.

drawing, USpol but old, physical health 

Because of his age, Harrison's opponents painted him as too old and frail to handle the pressures of the Presidency.

Harrison decided to try to prove them wrong right away by delivering a two-hour inauguration speech while standing in the freezing rain while wearing no gloves or overcoat, and then staying up until 3am dancing at his inaugural celebration.

He caught pneumonia and was dead a month later.

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