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i'm always a little proud of the milk for staying good well beyond the expiration date.

it's hangin' in there.

Cat creepily sleeping with his eyes open 

Oberyn, why do you do this

movie-song mashups 

Hey now, you're the death star
Get your guns on, go slay
Hey now, you're the death star
Get the booms on, ka-bloo-ayy
And all our lasers are gold
Only shooting planets breaks the mold

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movie-song mashups 

sympathy for the devil's advocate

charlie wilson's war (what is it good for)

all star wars

all you need is love, actually

the rock you like a hurricane

simple man of the year

harry potter and the goblet of fire and rain

on the radio flyer

working from home, work kvetching 

i send this message to my boss yesterday at 3:06pm about something i'm working on that is supposedly urgent, and still haven't received a fucking response.

this is why we need to work in an office so i can ambush her in her cube and get some goddamn answers.

or she could, idk, do her job.

covid restrictions 

"i can't breathe through my mask."

surgeons wear masks all day for their job and get along fine.

"i can't hear you through your mask."

an operating room can be an extremely chaotic environment, yet the surgeons, other doctors, and nurses, all masked, manage to hear each other just fine.

"masks don't work."

i guess surgeons are just superstitious? no, masks work, this isn't a question.

"my mask makes me sick."

wash it, fool.

TIL that there is a county in california named "yolo"

Mental health, joking 

Is it a bad sign that my psychiatrist appears I'm my phone book under "frequently contacted"?

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