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i love it when a literary snob like lindsay ellis agrees with my Dumb Takes. makes me feel all nice and fuzzy inside.

(i love titanic to death)

i haven't used duolingo in probably four years, and these emails STILL trickle in


love it when my boss IMs me to ask a question that was already answered in an email she didn't read

thanks twitch for warning me that my own channel has been flagged for mature content, because quite frankly my kind of content offends me and i'd never even consider watching my channel

covid-19, texas, good news for a change 

new daily covid-19 cases are on a definite downward trajectory in texas! now is not the time to let up, keep wearing masks, keep social distancing, and keep this level of business closure for now, we can beat this thing!

hard to believe that the beginning of 2020 was only 700 years ago

re: covid-19, pro sports, USA 

in addition, they pushed forward with playing the final game of the series even after knowing beforehand that four players had tested positive, further endangering everyone on their team and the opposing team.

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covid-19, pro sports, USA 

after a single three-game series, *14* members of the miami marlins team (12 players, 2 coaches) have tested positive for the coronavirus.


TIL there is a town in texas named "bee cave"

the british may SAY that there are 100 pence in a pound, but by my calculations, 100 penny coins would only weigh about 12.5 ounces.

long-shot request for job search help, Houston Texas local 

If anyone knows of any available corporate senior accountant or senior finance analyst jobs in the west Houston, Katy, or Cypress areas, let me know. I'm getting pretty desperate to get out of my current situation.

work negative 

in a world without unions or protective labor laws, the closest i've gotten to a third-party advocate for me at work has been my boss, and i've been very lucky at my current employer that my bosses have always acted as my advocates... until now. my current boss has repeatedly proven that she is an advocate for the company and that she does not care about me.

so, i'm alone.

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