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anyway, coronavirus testing in this county is apparently fake, because every testing center in a 50 mile radius is booked solid for days

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i have had several coronavirus symptoms all day (achiness, fatigue, slight shortness of breath, fever), and thinking maybe i ought to get tested......


Good morning to everyone except Texas Governor Greg Abbott

COVID-19, stark illustration of how badly the USA is failing 

The test positivity rate (smoothed) over time for the USA and Italy.

What success looks like vs. what failure looks like.

covid-19, choice dumbass quotes from VP Pence during the press briefing today 

"All 50 states and territories across this country are opening up safely and responsibly."

"[The country has] made truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward [and] we've all seen the encouraging news as we open up America again."

"To one extent or another, the volume of new cases coming in is a reflection of a great success in expanding testing across the country."

sexism, racism, xenophobia, local politics 

the county judge of harris county is a young colombian-american democratic woman, so conservatives on the internet are able to be all of racist, sexist, xenophobic, and age condescending towards her. it's like a bigot quadruple whammy.

covid-19, texas, local politics 

As of today, Harris County (where the city of Houston is located) has, to the extent allowed by state law, reinstated their stay-at-home order (now an "advisory" as the Governor took away the power of local government to enforce such orders).

impolite marsupials 






tasmanian devill-mannered


time to break out this gif again, i guess

covid-19, ref to racially offensive phrase 

the people who say "all lives matter" are the same people refusing to take action to save lives during this pandemic

covid-19, TXpol 

Who will Gov. Abbott blame when we have to close the state again to slow the spread of the coronavirus?

Always saying "please" and "thank you," to my Alexa in hopes that she'll be nice to be when the singularity happens.

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