@MmeLibertine Artemis imo. You don't want to deal with anyone's bullshit, but you will when you have to.

re: social media 

@Crash there are 330 million twitter users. i find it hard to believe that there are even 1 million fedi users. whatever number it is, it's not "large" as internet numbers go, imo.

social media 

"mastodon/fedi is different!"

nope, it's just small. if it ever gets large, it'll be the same.

mental health, work 

one of the good things about audio-only meetings is that you can cry without anyone seeing you

Former US President, food 

if you don't know much about tamales, that's basically like eating a peanut without removing the shell.

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Former US President, food 

Texas went for his opponent, Jimmy Carter, that year.

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Former US President, food 

The main thing I always remember about President Gerald Ford is that during his 1976 campaign, in an attempt to show his solidarity with Hispanic voters, he ate a tamale on stage while giving a speech in San Antonio... without removing the cornhusk wrapping.


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@siina who needs a fast internet connection, i just need a sub and a 1TB flash drive


going through my drawings and observing that I have improved over time is extremely satisfying.

@checkervest the librarian at my elementary school had a full-on skunk-style white streak through her hair, and i thought it was so cool

drawing US presidents 

the next president i have to draw is gerald ford

lord, mr. ford

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