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@cantinto I meant to also mention that Biden is currently over Trump by 9.5 percentage points compared to Clinton's 5.5.

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@cantinto 2016 also had a LOT of undecided voters. Biden has been over 50% on FiveThirtyEight's polling average for three weeks. No one was EVER over 50% in their polling average in 2016. About 11.7% of voters were undecided at this point in the cycle in 2016. Today, only about 8.3% of voters are undecided.

There was nothing particularly unprecedented about the 2016 election results. Voters and media alike just refused to understand how polls work.

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Clinton was ahead of Trump by about 5.5 percentage points in the polls at this point in the 2016 cycle, AND Gary Johnson still had about 8% in the polls. Third party candidates traditionally lose support as the race goes on, and conventional wisdom that Johnson's votes would go to Trump were correct.

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@cantinto The polls generally said that Clinton would win the national popular vote by a few percentage points, and guess what? She did. Margins of less than 1% in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan handed Trump the Presidency.

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@cantinto how so?

also TIL that jimmy carter became the oldest ever ex-president OVER A YEAR AGO

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@cantinto it's not impossible he wins, but it would be literally unprecedented at this point. no sitting president has ever won after being this far behind in the polls at this point in the cycle.

sometimes i think about how, technically, jimmy carter could run for president again

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Trump may be in the worst position to get re-elected of any sitting US president since Andrew Johnson.

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The Texas Republican Convention would bring about 6000 people into the heart of Houston for three days. Houston is arguably the worst city in the nation for coronavirus right now, and it's getting worse.

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COVID-19, Texas, USpol, TXpol 

Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston finally took action to cancel the Texas Republican Convention, which they intended to hold in a convention center in downtown Houston next week. The city owns the center.

Turner referred to a clause in the contract that allows either party to cancel any event for occurrences out of its control, SPECIFICALLY INCLUDING "epidemics in the City of Houston."

The chairman of the Texas GOP has vowed to fight the cancellation in court.

sometimes i think of that british parliament dude who shouted ORDER a lot and i'm like, same

How many lights do you see?


anti-having-children joke 

if you're tired of having sex, money, privacy, silence, and a clean house, having a child may be for you!

@eject [obligatory reference to Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business]

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