I'm not sure how much more leeway I should give this tree. Or bush. Or whatever.

US politics adjacent, the just-fking-google-it challenge 

"This is hearsay, not fact but I believe it" is the most internet phrase I've never heard.

It's not fact. This is the first time that ASL interpreters will be at white house press conferences on a regular basis under any president.

Just fking google it.

meme, gun, non-graphic violence 

sometimes i have a great idea a decade or so too late

TIL there is a book called "Alien Virus Love Disaster," and then this happened.

(Yes, obviously I bought it.)

Confederate names 

Pictures from yesterday from the high school my friend works at.

Confederate names march on.

My friend told me that the school board discussed a name change last year, but it didn't go very far. Some board members were extremely opposed.

Incidentally, the school is majority minority.

US politics, protests 

Fox News editor claims that people and property are the same

palm trees 

i'm back on my bullshit

(that photo is from south texas near the mexican border)


This is the Bank of America Building (recently renamed the TC Energy Center) in Houston.

The windows were canceled because I didn't want to draw them.

If you're on Signal and want to add me, DM me, because I have it now.

Also, welcome to the family, Signal.

drawing, food 

at the suggestion of @squeedoodle, an apple with a bite taken out of it next to a half full drinking glass

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