Portrait of a left hand 

Shout out to everyone who's irrationally annoyed that my watch is off center

USpol "Biden laptops" conspiracy theories joke 

it wasn't even a good forgery!

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why did i draw this? i don't know, and neither do you

I haven't shaved or combed my hair, but here's a selfie for you anyway.

CW eye contact

Thanks to the magic of science, these elevator buttons apparently bathe themselves

Benedict Cumberbatch name jokes bc I still think they're funny 

fun fact: there has never been a barbadian quarterback in the NFL

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chamillionaire: ride with a new chick, she like "hold up"
next to the playstation controller

me: that is most definitely an xbox controller

USpol, covid 

People really be out there both-sidesing Trump and Fauci.

3D printing 

in related news, i finally got a camera angle on my 3D printer monitoring webcam that is acceptable

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how to always have the last word 

so what's the last word, michaelis portuguese-english dictionary?

oh... i see...

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USpol, silly, covid-adjacent, arguably body shaming 

theory: donald trump doesn't like wearing a mask because it makes him look like a thumb.

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