kim and kanye 

honestly i've gained a lot of respect for kim kardashian the past few years for her use of her celebrity to advocate for prison reform, and for her dedication to studying the law and becoming a lawyer, which i honestly think she's serious about.

meanwhile, kanye west has turned his entire life into a joke and appears to care nothing about anything, including treating his own mental health problems (and he's openly said that he's been diagnosed bipolar and refuses medication).

i'm interested in seeing what kardashian can accomplish when she's no longer babysitting her husband.

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re: kim and kanye 

another thing about west: if he's surrounding himself with enablers, that's because it's his choice. kardashian has most certainly been trying to get him to separate himself from the people who tell him what he wants to hear and play into his narcissistic delusions.

re: kim and kanye 

in conclusion: kanye 2024 (no, not really, no)

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