finance, pessimistic 

the stonk market has fully recovered from the dive in march, which i feel can't possibly be right.

my ex-employer's stock price has itself fully recovered, even though their industry is in the toilet. they've also been selling off subsidiaries, closing offices, and doing layoffs (thus why i don't work there anymore) to shore up cash.

absent stock buybacks (which they have not done), there is zero fucking chance that their stock is actually worth what it's currently trading for.

this whole situation concerns me, as i think it's entirely possible that the market recovery is largely a bubble built on false confidence over our covid policy effectiveness, and who knows when it might burst.

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re: finance, pessimistic 

@Garrison been getting real whiffs of the numbers going up and not being connected to anything since even before covid started really
I remember the family talking about there being another crash from over speculation for the past couple thanksgivings

finance, pessimistic 

@Garrison I agree with you. I think the stock market is almost completely disconnected from reality at this point. whenever that that happens reality eventually reasserts itself.

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