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In celebration of Donald Trump being voted out of office, I drew a portrait of 17th US President Andrew Johnson, who, before Trump anyway, was regarded by many historians as possibly the worst US President.

Congrats to Johnson on getting a Trump Bump.

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Next in my "Terrible US President" series is James Buchanan, who watched the Civil War brew up with an impressive slack-jawed inaction.

According to some theories, he was gay. He was the only US President who never got married, and lived in Washington, DC with a man, US Senator from Alabama William Rufus King, for ten years.

However, it is also possible he was asexual, or uninterested in relationships with women for some other reason.

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Next in my "Terrible US President" series is Warren G. Harding, who is described as "an avid golfer whose administration was rife with corruption." Why does that sound familiar.

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Next in my "Terrible US President" series is Franklin Pierce, whose appeasement policies towards the slaveholding South in the name of national unity did not age well.

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Next in my "Terrible US President" series is William Henry Harrison, who famously died after only a month in office.

Aged 68 at the time of his inauguration in 1841, he was at the time the oldest person ever to become president. This record stood for 140 years until Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981 at age 69.

That record stood for 36 years until Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017 at age 70.
And THAT record will have stood for four years next year, when Joe Biden will be inaugurated at age 78.

By 2040, the President will be 175 years old.

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Because of his age, Harrison's opponents painted him as too old and frail to handle the pressures of the Presidency.

Harrison decided to try to prove them wrong right away by delivering a two-hour inauguration speech while standing in the freezing rain while wearing no gloves or overcoat, and then staying up until 3am dancing at his inaugural celebration.

He caught pneumonia and was dead a month later.

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