USpol "Biden laptops" conspiracy theories joke 

According to data recovered from more of Hunter Biden's laptops provided to Rudy Giuliani by Russian spies, Joe Biden has to answer for all of the following: corruption, bribery, extortion, abuse of power, jaywalking, overdue library book fines in the amount of $7.45, setting fire to California, killing Harambe, stealing Teddy Roosevelt's moustache from Mount Rushmore and replacing it with a forgery, wearing white after Labor Day, killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand, telling Donald Trump his suits fit great, inventing the coronavirus, cancelling Firefly, hipsters, Mariah Carey's acting career, using a time machine to change the spelling of "Berenstein," bringing Hitler back to life as a cyborg, the War of 1812, the death of Bob Ross, Garfield getting sold to Nickelodeon, and disliking Keanu Reeves as a person.

I demand that a special prosecutor be appointed immediately to examine these serious accusations.


USpol "Biden laptops" conspiracy theories joke 

it wasn't even a good forgery!

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