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covid-19, offer of assistance 

Assuming that I fix my 3D printer today, I am going to start churning out facemasks in the below model. They are intended to be filled with cut-up A/C filters, etc. They can supposedly be fitted to your face by microwaving them a bit to soften them, and be sterilized by putting them in the oven. I have not tested this yet. MOre to come

Everyone who can read this can get one from me for the cost of shipping. I am in Texas, USA. DM's open.

social media 

"mastodon/fedi is different!"

nope, it's just small. if it ever gets large, it'll be the same.

mental health, work 

one of the good things about audio-only meetings is that you can cry without anyone seeing you

Former US President, food 

if you don't know much about tamales, that's basically like eating a peanut without removing the shell.

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Former US President, food 

Texas went for his opponent, Jimmy Carter, that year.

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Former US President, food 

The main thing I always remember about President Gerald Ford is that during his 1976 campaign, in an attempt to show his solidarity with Hispanic voters, he ate a tamale on stage while giving a speech in San Antonio... without removing the cornhusk wrapping.


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going through my drawings and observing that I have improved over time is extremely satisfying.

drawing US presidents 

the next president i have to draw is gerald ford

lord, mr. ford

re: romantic relationship 

and since open carry of swords is legal in texas, she can even wear it around.

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romantic relationship 

GF wants me to propose by offering her an "engagement sword" rather than a ring, and tbh I'm on board

music, USpol 

oops i found out that my favorite country singer is a big trump fan and an election conspiracy theorist, and i'm not surprised, i'm just sad and disappointed


as a side note, the texas secretary of state website allows you to download the election results as an Excel file, but that file leaves out the political party affiliation of the candidates. which blows.

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i finally looked up who won our state representative race and yup, it's still a republican

re: drawing, Garfield & Garfield 

i had an idea to draw odie cosplaying as president garfield's assassin charles guiteau, then i was like "garrison, no, stop it."

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drawing, Garfield & Garfield 

Bonus drawing: Garfield the cat cosplaying as Garfield the President, with Pooky as Vice President Arthur.

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work, mental health 

i've started slightly dissociating in work meetings again, so that's great

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