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Assuming that I fix my 3D printer today, I am going to start churning out facemasks in the below model. They are intended to be filled with cut-up A/C filters, etc. They can supposedly be fitted to your face by microwaving them a bit to soften them, and be sterilized by putting them in the oven. I have not tested this yet. MOre to come

Everyone who can read this can get one from me for the cost of shipping. I am in Texas, USA. DM's open.

re: celebrity death (sudden and unexpected, young age) today gut punching me 

The last one to hit me this hard was Cory Monteith

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celebrity death (sudden and unexpected, young age) today gut punching me 

Grant Imahara of MythBusters fame died today at age 49. No other details released.


I got 99 problems, and every one of them is a degree Fahrenheit

re: COVID-19, Houston, TXpol, good news 

Incidentally, the ruling was 7-1, and all nine of the Justices of the Texas Supreme Court are declared Republicans.

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COVID-19, Houston, TXpol, good news 

The Texas Supreme Court has denied the Texas GOP's appeal to overturn the Houston mayor's cancellation of the in-person State GOP convention in Houston.

why have all the "sanctity of marriage" celebrities been divorced like seven times

willow smith used I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH. it's super effective!

friendly reminder that hamilton is a great musical but terribly historically inaccurate

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the cops that die tragic deaths were bastards too


boomers stop telling me "just get a 'yard guy'" challenge 2020

when you write a date by hand, what does it look like?

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I wonder how many anti-mask posters are Russian trolls.

drug joke 

freebasing coffee grounds

the sloth is a badass animal because it's the only animal that is also a deadly sin

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