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I am moving to a new account at @john

feel free to follow me there

I am moving to a new account at @john

feel free to follow me there

oops i posted all that to the wrong account OH WELL

re: kim and kanye 

in conclusion: kanye 2024 (no, not really, no)

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re: kim and kanye 

another thing about west: if he's surrounding himself with enablers, that's because it's his choice. kardashian has most certainly been trying to get him to separate himself from the people who tell him what he wants to hear and play into his narcissistic delusions.

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kim and kanye 

honestly i've gained a lot of respect for kim kardashian the past few years for her use of her celebrity to advocate for prison reform, and for her dedication to studying the law and becoming a lawyer, which i honestly think she's serious about.

meanwhile, kanye west has turned his entire life into a joke and appears to care nothing about anything, including treating his own mental health problems (and he's openly said that he's been diagnosed bipolar and refuses medication).

i'm interested in seeing what kardashian can accomplish when she's no longer babysitting her husband.


to hedge fund managers complaining that the reddit shenanigans are bad for the market: where the ever-loving fuck were you leading up to the 2008 financial crisis?

oh right, you were busy CAUSING it.

fake information 

one of the most popular tourist attractions in southwest great britain is the great wall of corn

I am moving to a new account at @john

feel free to follow me there

i saw someone on youtube wearing a shirt that said "dude, STFU" and i kinda want it

i've learned from @ENBYDSM that "new york" means "new york city," and that the rest of new york state is just fake news.

also, staten island is fake news.

make sure to seize the means of pre-production too, otherwise the means of production won't be that useful

pondering the tragedy that cory monteith's final tweet was about sharknado

finance, pessimistic 

the stonk market has fully recovered from the dive in march, which i feel can't possibly be right.

my ex-employer's stock price has itself fully recovered, even though their industry is in the toilet. they've also been selling off subsidiaries, closing offices, and doing layoffs (thus why i don't work there anymore) to shore up cash.

absent stock buybacks (which they have not done), there is zero fucking chance that their stock is actually worth what it's currently trading for.

this whole situation concerns me, as i think it's entirely possible that the market recovery is largely a bubble built on false confidence over our covid policy effectiveness, and who knows when it might burst.

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