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covid-19, offer of assistance 

Assuming that I fix my 3D printer today, I am going to start churning out facemasks in the below model. They are intended to be filled with cut-up A/C filters, etc. They can supposedly be fitted to your face by microwaving them a bit to soften them, and be sterilized by putting them in the oven. I have not tested this yet. MOre to come

Everyone who can read this can get one from me for the cost of shipping. I am in Texas, USA. DM's open.

there are adults who were born in the 90s? sounds fake.

this one time a friend was telling me about a movie he saw that starred jack lemmon and marilyn manson, and i was like wtf, i've got to see that!

sadly, turns out he meant marilyn *monroe*

relgion/spirituality nitpick 

if reincarnation is real, there must be a really long queue, considering that there are about 7.5 billion people currently alive, but about 100 billion people who are currently dead.

Presidential debates, but in the form of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare."

yes, the penny hoarder, i did in fact forget to withdraw all my money from the bank in large bills and put it in the refrigerator. thanks for reminding me.

work, bujo 

just look how neat my notes are, it's great

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work, bujo 

getting a separate bullet journal just for work stuff was a good idea

masks "muffling sound" 

personally i think it's a psychological thing. people feel like the cloth in front of the mouth "should" muffle the sound, so that's how they perceive it.

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re: masks "muffling sound" 

my mask is two layers of cloth with A/C filter material in between.

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masks "muffling sound" 

i've gotten some pushback on my claim that masks don't make people hard to understand.

i do know that deaf and hard of hearing people have trouble understanding people wearing masks because they can't see their lips, and that sucks, but that's not what i'm talking about.

here's a recording of me saying the phrase "testing testing 123" twice, about six feet away from the mic, once wearing a mask and once not.

i can't hear any difference. can you?

i studied spanish for two years in high school, two years in college, and four years in vain

nobody tosses a dwarf 

unless she's a cheerleader

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