Cladonia species (aka β€œfairy cup #lichen ”) colonizing the back of an old pickup truck, surrounded by moss, lumber, metal, and woven plastic with a blue flower pattern in background. Instagram filters.

at the beauty spot
the last of the firewood
back and forth

@MightyBigCar Hahaha! Yes! Everything but the thing that needs doing.

Do you know the children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"? I swear, that mouse has adhd. (But he also got his cookie).

Hey, you!

You’re doing great!

Just in case you needed that.


I've started doing one load of laundry, start to finish, before starting another, and it seems to be helping me stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

See? I only have two napkins to fold and put in this cabinet over in the corner! Easy peasy!

Hm. This cabinet needs reorganizing. Shouldn't take long, right?

NO NO NO! Do NOT start reorganizing the cabinet!

Hahaha! This is funny. I should post about it.

NO! Don't post about it!!!

Oh My GOD I'm posting about it!


western fitness yoga 

@nein09 Truly it is! I tell people all the time that yoga is about the struggle to find the pose, not how well you can do it, and that people who can do that <points to photo> are still struggling, we just can’t spot it.

western fitness yoga 

@nein09 Oooooo... I'm going to try this (and tank, but I'll try.)

@gemlog Always good to check. Do I not care because I just can't be bothered right now? Or do I not care because I'm permanently done with all of this bullshit?

In this case, I'm just done. One more quarter. OH MY GOOOOOOD it feels like forever.

I blew off studying for the midterm today. Eh, I'll go over a couple of notes and slides, but maybe not. I'm prepared for the consequences, meaning: I don't care anymore.

My 14 y-o: "What is there to talk about?!" "WHAT!!?" "I have nothing to say!"

Then she then proceeded in tears to vociferously say "nothing" for 45 minutes.

@MmeLibertine Hopefully you have the space to chill and ride it out. It always helps me, but I don’t always get the chance, obligations keep demanding my time.

Regardless, ❀️❀️❀️

I just spent at least an hour writing down my thoughts and ideas.

@Mainebot πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š I love the sphere! Looks like he’s finishing up a topiary massage.

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