We’ve made pizza every Saturday for weeks. I told my fiancé I’d like a week off, because I have a hard time not eating too much and I’m tired of the chonk. So I bought salami, bread, and cheese and ate that with wine. I spread about a pound of triple cream on white bread. Good call. Sooo much healthier than pizza. 😬

Sounds fine to me (no, really), except for the bread. I'd eat the salami, the cream, and a little wine does no harm. I quite often have a bowl of whipped cream as a dessert.

The name "triple cream" interests me, what fat content does it have?

@fitheach Oh,it’s the Brie style of cheese, creamy-soft with a moldy rind that I like eating so I get the ends that everyone leaves behind when it’s served at parties. My favorite is Lincet. It has a strength to it that Brie doesn’t have and is probably why it’s not as common here.

As for cream for dessert, mmmm, I made stewed rhubarb so I could freeze it, and I piled it with lemon whipped cream so high I’m not sure if I was eating rhubarb with cream or cream with rhubarb. ❤️

Ahh, triple cream is actually cheese. Right. 🙄

Here, single cream has ~20% fat, and double has ~50%. I always eat double cream, about 150g, whipped, as a dessert. I was thinking your triple cream might have an even higher fat content.

I eat quite a lot of cheese, but usually of the hard, very mature, type. I used to like having Brie type cheeses, but I'd eat them on bread (or toast). I no longer eat bread, and eating Brie on its own isn't the same.

@fitheach 50%?!? 🤩 The highest I’ve ever come across is 40%, but that was once at Costco. I’ve only ever seen 36% besides that once. Is 50% spoonable? Like the top of unhomogenized cream? Oh, boy. 🤤

50% is at the upper end, but it is still pourable. Actually, it is quite nice to drink straight from the tub. 😃

@fitheach Oooo that’s decadent! I would love that on porridge for breakfast, or warm, homemade applesauce. I’ve made ice cream with the 40% (because costco sells it by the 1/2 gallon), and while it was rich and perfect with no iciness, it left a buttery coating on my lips I couldn’t get used to.

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