Tidying the garden borders, lawn edges, and property lines while leaving all the weeds and stuff in the middle is the equivalent of “I meant to do that.”

Kick back and enjoy your summer.


Weeds till and amend the soil.
They are nectar plants for our 6-legged friends.

Herbicides can harm kids
Or pets
Or your friends’ kids
And pets
And that squirrel there
Wait, what is that? That thing
And flies
Poor flies 😢
Weeds piss off your obnoxious neighbors 😈

Admit it
Some of them are pretty 🤗

Weeds are good. Good enough anyway. Kick back and enjoy your summer.

@Fritillaria2 I'm about to plant some clover in the yard. That's sure to piss some people off. I expect the lawn folks to end up killing it when they come around and spray again, which I hate.

@feld Excellent! If it’s soft, it gets to stay in the lawn. That’s my rule.

@Fritillaria2 clover is soft, environmentally friendly, fertilizes for other plants, flowers for bees and insects (healthy!), etc. stupid that everyone started killing it.


@feld It's only drawback in my book is that the bees love it too much. For a few weeks, I have to do a double and triple check before sitting, lying down, walking, shifting, moving in any way across the lawn.

It doesn't stop me from enjoying it, but the results can be (and has been) *painful*. My lawn gets *used*, and my interests and the bees' interests can be at odds.

@Fritillaria2 i never understood "see this local, beautiful yellow wildflower? The one that creates a lovely ball of seeds that float on the wind? Yeah, these are BAD. Because we say so."

@wohali Because I’ve dealt with some of them, I can be pretty heartless sometimes. But as often as I have bitched about the likes of Canada thistle, I have also lovingly taken photos of their pretty flowers and delighted in their fluffy seeds. I don’t understand why invasive has to equal ugly, but I CAN understand why “pretty” doesn’t automatically equal “gets to stay”.* As much as I joke about leaving weeds, I have my exceptions.

(*That goes for garden plants as well.)

@Fritillaria2 Fair enough. I understand ripping out Lythrum salicaria around here, and I'm no fan of Ailanthus... and yes, I remove dandelions when they're in the wrong spot in my garden.

But one of the local public parks near here leaves their dandelions in the grass, and you get sudden explosions of colour, then seeds, it's lovely.

Nice to meet another gardener type person on here! I am nowhere near as good as active as I'd like to be, but well met. :)

@Fritillaria2 I intentionally seeded a bunch of clover in my yard as a ground cover and to fixate nitrogen...it's taking over in the neighbourhood, slowly, So pretty. Local, too. And I love the wildlife it attracts.


Also. I spent a couple of hours unrooting dandelions in the front lawn to middling success, and the next afternoon, coming home from school, my youngest picks up a dandelion and makes a wish. All over the lawn. So, "meh".

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