Tidying the garden borders, lawn edges, and property lines while leaving all the weeds and stuff in the middle is the equivalent of β€œI meant to do that.”

Kick back and enjoy your summer.

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Weeds till and amend the soil.
They are nectar plants for our 6-legged friends.

Herbicides can harm kids
Or pets
Or your friends’ kids
And pets
And that squirrel there
Wait, what is that? That thing
And flies
Poor flies 😒
Weeds piss off your obnoxious neighbors 😈

Admit it
Some of them are pretty πŸ€—

Weeds are good. Good enough anyway. Kick back and enjoy your summer.

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@Fritillaria2 Or "I like weeds, I just take care of the parts where they might grow through the fence onto neighbours' properties" ;)

@Anke If the spread by roots, yes, but... but... if their primary method of reproduction is seeds wafting high into the air, the effort is pointless.

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