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I raised this native blackcap from a seed, collected while noshing on some tasty berries on a walk. It struggled for years in a pot, but persisted until I could find it this excellent home.

A waterfall scene for you. The video doesn’t do it justice. Soooo much moss and maidenhair fern covering the rocks, so pretty. Working here does have its disadvantages, because I had to move on.

I’m working along the East Fork Quinault River in the Olympic National Park. Long drive, but totally worth it (for summer work). Today’s scenes:

Grocery shopping. Afternoon martini whilst emailing. Scrubbing the bathroom. Aaah, adulting...

Started my summer job, doing vegetation management for ecological restoration. I got to weed a forest today. This forest:

Same amount of alcohol I normally drink, but concentrated in a two-hour-or-so window is holy hell really different.

decompresion time: my forever song, again 

"I cannot turn my feelings down
Beyond my means to turn my thoughts around
Expressed in every word I'll ever speak
Brighter than all the stars combined
More than the waters, earth, and sky
All that I wish and all that I dream

No creed on earth can replace or provide
In my darkest hour the comfort I feel
Leading me to see I can be more than I expect of me
My beginning and my end
First and last air that I breath
More than the sum of everything
That I will ever be."


This evening’s repeat, shared before, but so good.

“And I extend an open hand
Over the horizon
Waiting for the sun
To fall into my palm
And hide inside my fist
In the foreign land
Watching the sea
Reaching for the sun
Rising like a lover
For the promised kiss

I am longing for all the things I’ll never get
I am longing for all the things I had and lost
I am longing for innocence and simple dreams
I am longing for ignorance and bliss.”

“Ignorance &Bliss”

morning internal monologue 

Every morning I wake up, maybe with a caffeine hangover or I drank too much or I couldn’t resist having more pizza and now I weigh too much or I didn’t finish what I was supposed to get done and now I’m behind...

And I decide today is the day I’ll set a schedule and to-do list, do the bathroom before the garden, skip the afternoon cocktail and eat only half my dinner...

And I never quite manage it, so every morning...

What if someone else told me to do those things? Would I have accountability? Would success be easier?

No, I’d probably tell that person to fuck off.

Excellent idea. I feel better already.

“If you and I had been anything less
than these disenfranchised minds
We would have looked the other way
As we passed each other by

But for the things I know
From the broken all I ask
Is to look beyond this place
Stop staring at the ground
Thinking only what went wrong
I know there are days
Too dark and hard to take
I hope you know
This is just one day you’ll have to face
This is not the whole of your life.”

“Verum Aeternus”, Of Faith, Power, and Glory (2009)

I’m a bit lost tonight. There’s no work that needs doing, that I’m avoiding doing? What am I forgetting? Nothing. But my brain is forever thinking of homework, and with no homework left, it’s a bit disoriented. I can take an actual night off? Really? Without guilt? You’re kidding.

<long sigh>

(The SO says that one reason that the Terrestrial Hagfish is endangered is because the juveniles, not yet able to produce their famous slime, can no longer camouflage themselves with Carniverous Lichen because of its scarcity, caused by climate change and the reduction in suitable riparian habitat.)

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The Terrestrial Hagfish is fun, but I should have invented the endangered Carnivorous Lichen instead. Too late to turn back now.

Biology exam alternate: invent an endangered species and describe its organism, community, and population ecology. Then write how to halt population decline and what needs to be done to manage and restore populations.

I picked the terrestrial hagfish of Grays Harbor. I'm writing a ton about this species.

Oh. 2 paragraphs? Shoot. That's no fun. Still, TERRESTRIAL HAGFISH. I'm pleased with my invention.

Me: <remembering the joy of emptying out all my school work on the floors of the high school on the last day>

My friend: Oh, Now I'm in college, I save all mine. They're colored coded and organized on shelves in the basement. I can access anything I might need.

Me: That is such a good idea!


Me: <dumps another year's worth of school work into recycling bin>

@Fritillaria2 Some more actual techno (it's in the band name after all):

Also from 1990. You're welcome. Legit.

For all the kids who call my favorite music "techno", I would like to play them some actual techno.

"Pure" (1990)

My dog’s interest in playing ball lasts as long as it is greater than his interest in the doggo ice cream that follows.

boozy on blossoms
red rose petals
tangled hair

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