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Blessing your feed today with some pictures of the forests I've been able to walk in.

If this smell and noise it does when you walk on moss doesn't make me happy, then, I don't know what does. 😭

It's been a long time I haven't been able to go walk there tho. And I miss it very much.
There's a forest behind my mom's flat and I always go there for a big hours long hike with doggo when I visit her. But it's been less since pandemic. 😭

#forest #photography

Today begins my last quarter. For 5 years, I spent the 1-hour drive to school (and back) listening to my music. It pulled me through, so it’s fitting that I honor this time:

Each day I will post a track. Some are intensely personal, some are fun, all are meaningful, and all have been played hundreds of times.

As I pull out of the driveway, “Prelude” starts: the beginning of a bittersweet transformation.

“Prelude” (Judgement 2007)

Bunny cuteness to brighten your day!

“Bugs Bunny” found a forever home with a family today. She is one of almost 300 rabbits rescued from a hoarder by a Seattle animal shelter. PAWS of Grays Harbor has 22 of them up for adoption... correction... 21.

Today was spent brushing and walking and loving on each and every one of them.

Selfie, but with bunny, but not just any bunny... 

It’s Sir PUFF!!! He a wiggly bunny, but very patient during his long grooming sessions. I’m brushing a barnful of rescue bunnies this morning. PAWS of Grays Harbor is helping to adopt 22 out of over 250 bunnies rescued from a bad hoarding situation.

The SO bought me a surprise t-shirt with this decal of Mothra kissing Godzilla to wear for our big theater Godzilla vs Big Monkey night*.

I’m not an “adorbs” kind of people, but this is ADORBS!!!

(He rented the whole theater, and we get to invite 20 people.)

“I befriended a crow today and I don’t need any of you anymore. I can’t wait to live in the woods. I can’t wait to have antlers and only speak in clicks and whistles and watch you all die in you cities.”

Bunch of toots incoming with previews of digital art I have for sale (or scans of hand-drawn that I'm selling as digital files). The idea here is that since posting is shit right now, you can buy a high res digital file from me and print it / get it printed yourself :) All files are $5 base price, tips welcome, payment to :mandala:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Shhhhh, I say to myself, evidently you havent heard of stealth gardening

A year ago I took these macros of moss I found on a rock, which I recovered from the unseen depths of my HD for #Mosstodon

TIL There's no scientific consensus on what constitutes a "Tree". As in trees are not a taxonomic group. The word implies a vaguely similar set of features which independently evolved in numerous types of plants like shrubs, ferns, vines, grasses etc...

There are tree-like shrubs and shrub-like trees and so on

Fitness yoga pose discovery 

Warrior III (“Flying Warrior”):

Instead of moving into this pose from standing, I’ve been starting from Chair pose and building up:

From Chair, fold over with knee still bent. With back leg bent, lift back knee. Drop torso to lift knee higher.

Straighten lower knee, hips squared and strong. Then straighten back knee; reach back strongly with entire leg. Support with core, and readjust body’s angle to make holding the pose easier.

It feels like taking off. 😊

Exercise? Or nap?

I'm leaning towards nap. I'm kind of sleepy, but I'm trying to maintain daily sessions of...

Ah, never mind. 😴

Five years ago, bigleaf maples on a rainforest dayhike, along the Hoh River and the Hall of Mosses visitor’s loop. Ents guard the trees here, I am convinced.

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.

Me: Grumbles about my teen brewing a bad pot of coffee
Me: Dumps said pot of coffee
Me: Proceeds to brew a bad pot of coffee

My Forever-Eight-Year-Old brought home his toys last night, and giddy that he got the last . Two days before he was pouting at dinner about everyone showing off theirs, when he couldn’t find it. It’s so sweet. ❤️

Me: <explains something>
Them: <nods enthusiastically>
Me: <continues explaining>
Them: <confusion>
Me: <notices confusion>
Me: <explains, but with detail>
Them: ...
Me: <explains, but with metaphors>
Them: ...
Me: <starts over>

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