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Gin martini. I really like the bright, herbal crispness of it, and keep the olives out of it. This is simply too delicate and lovely for something so brash. Also: perfect glass for it though my partner thinks it looks like absinthe).

Recently, a few of my long-term followers sent in requests from their alt accounts. When mastodon exploded from fewer than 30,000 to 100,000 users, the conversation about the use of alt accounts was constant. *Why* would anyone need a second account, let alone a third? For several reasons, we found. Then the practice became normal, and the talk died down. Now no one questions it, as if we had always done this. Masto feels different from when I first joined. It feels like it's grown up a lot. 🍍

Dog ownership:

Novice: “There’s a hair in my food!” 😠 <plucks it out>

Experienced: “There’s a hair in my food. Hm.” <plucks it out>

Expert: “Oh.” <continues eating>

Zen master: “Mmm. Tail hair. My favorite.”

Me: A three-day weekend! Time to get ahead on homework.

<three days later>

Me: Or not.

#RIP Christopher Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien, who mapped Middle-Earth and edited The Silmarillion & The History of Middle-Earth:

#news #sff #lotr 🐘

my new manhattan recipe 

“Without a thought I will see everything eternal.
Forget that once we were just dust from heavens far.
As we were forged, we shall return, perhaps someday.
I will remember us and wonder who we were.”

—“Further” turns 20 this year. 🖤🖤🖤
Burning Empires (2000)

“These 7 Albums Turn 20 This Year”
— Synthpop Fanatic blog

(and other artists)

Aberdeen (WA) is getting quite a bit of snow. Not sure how everyone else is doing.

How are you doing -esterners?

It’s snowing! Well, “snowing”. “Sleeting”? Some weird, peculiarly hail-snow-rain hybrid pelting the ground and landing as rain or wet bits of ice. But, okay... it’s snowing!

I haven't taken a three-hour walk in a very long time. Total of 8 miles/ 13 km. I'm pooped, but supremely happy.

My kid: When I write my characters, I write about their personality and I let it drive the plot and...

My kid: <three hours of monologue>

My kid: ... you can tell right away when a character likes to talk.

My kid: <breath>

My kid: And...

(I have overlapping classes this quarter.)

Me: I’ll be content with “B”s this quarter.
Woman: And the occasional “C”.
Me: No, “C”s are not acceptable. I’m an “A” student. I’d have mess up terribly to get a C.
Woman: I’m happy to get a “C”. I usually get “D”s.
Me: . . . . (um...) . . . . (no clue what to say here)

My instructor, helping me with creating a fishnet in ArcMap, notices my file names:
Why are your file names so long? This is a basic map, you don’t need to be so specific.

Me: Leave. My. File names. A. Lone. Leave’m alone. I need to keep track of them.

Instructor: You have three shape files. How could you lose those?

Me: Trust me on this.

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