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Trump supporter passed by with a pro-life sign, the back of which says “Bibles are not just clumps of cells.”

The guy is *actually right!* They are *not* clumps of cells, but clumps of atoms! I actually agree with him!

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I need to create a fedi profile for my mycology club. what's a good, stable instance for that sorta thing? 🍄

I forgot my glasses at home. This is going to be an interesting day. Step one: adjust text size on phone.

How do you pronounce "coyote"?*

If you want, reply with your choice plus a description of where you live (eg "city", "rural", or "midwest", etc.)

*Wile E. Coyote notwithstanding

what's the best carbohydrate food?


I just past the 500-specimen mark yesterday. Woo hoo! Only 1500 or so to go.

I’m not trying to verify ID, just updating what’s already here, but some mistakes are *so glaring* I can’t ignore them. Super duper fun, BUT most of the mistakes are in families like Asteraceae, where it’s pretty much anyone’s guess. Throwing up my hands quite a lot trying to get through this folder.

Did my sacred duty and introduced my youngest to the piña colada song. (Referenced in Percy Jackson.)

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Internship success is 0/3 so far. I may not have an internship, but I’m getting a head start with handling rejection.

I think I figured out the tdist: x is the mean? Then the df? I have no real way to tell whether I’m right without pulling out my stats book. No no no no extra steps, please. Then what? I’m supposed to make a chart of this and goodnight I’m going to bed. Never mind. Zzzzzzzz.

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Anyone want to teach me how use the TDIST function in Excel? I brilliantly decided I didn't need to write notes. 😣

Should be very basic instructions, as this is the first time we've done this. Help?

#BananaSlug glass sun catcher

These slugs are real creatures, are found in central #California and are the mascot of #UCSantaCruz, where they can be found on campus in the woods.

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Nearly 24 hours late turning in this midterm essay. I'm tired of writing it, but onward. I will probably turn it in tomorrow. I'm over caring about it.

Pizza night tonight!

We've been using beer for the liquid in the dough. I really like the malty bock. It adds just the right flavor. Stella was decent, too, with a lighter flavor, but I like the bock here better. Basically, any malty, not-too hoppy beer would add a nice flavor.

I did not get a check in the mail. I wasn’t actually expecting a check, but one can always hope.

Don’t despair, organise!: an introduction to Bentley Urban Farm

How is this? Over in Doncaster people try to act to improve the health and nutrition of the community and the local council acts to thwart them at every turn! :-(

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