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A single serving of champagne has 95 calories. The entire bottle has 570. This doesn’t add up.

At first, you mistake it for dust caught in a beam of sunlight. A glittering red thing that serpentines through the air, translucent and fluttering. But then you see it again, and again. Watching while you water your plants. Dancing above you while you read a book.

When it nears you while you work at your computer, you hesitantly hold out a finger. It spirals down to land, the barest feather-touch. An eel-like thing with flowing fronds. It sniffs you, then gives a tiny sneeze.


I'm getting things done that I have been procrastinating for months but that I am now using to procrastinate a new thing

With the rain comes this song, one of my all time favorites, a contender for the best song without a chorus ever written, and a song that has been a part of my life forever.

Mastodon just doesn’t have enough , wouldn’t you agree?

“Kathy’s Song”

Rain rain rain. This is more like it! 😃


I have to plant trees all day in it. ☹️

Hello! What the everloving fuck happened to the old Neptune marquee? 👎 (selfie, very very angry)

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the best life advice from Beverly crusher

Watching my kids at their middle school wrestling match, this feels like a microcosm of the future of gender acceptance. Everyone’s here, everyone’s training together or competing against each other. Whatever goes on at their homes, this little corner portends a positive future, an inclusive normalcy, and hopefully a significant beginning.

PS Go Eagles!

I finally yielded to the pressure and posted my pronouns on my profile.

PS My name is Sarah.

Damn. The only cookies left in the house for breakfast are Oreos. Sigh. Well, you do what you have to do.

Coach to middle school wrestlers at the end of practice: “What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home?” Show more

Alright, enough of this silence. "Advance and Follow" played at 11, coming right up

Sublime: "Nature’s immensity is our immensity; its seeming infinity is our infinity too."

"At once tiny and huge: what is this feeling we call 'sublime'?"

Hello. A reminder for the holiday Cookie Season:

Proper Snickerdoodles are made with cream of tartar and baking soda. If you use baking powder, they're cinnamon sugar cookies.

I will truck no argument on this. No tang, no Snickerdoodle, period. Not sorry.

The “Friendliest Bar in Town” has bars over the doors and windows. 🤔

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