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I know, I know, it’s a marketing scheme, but why do holiday colored m&m’s make me so giddy?

Yes cats and dogs are cute and adorable
But have you considered mycelium networks and fungi?

I printed chapter 2 from my Project Management textbook, homework due this week.

I also printed 2 resources for identifying bryophytes in preparation for a presentation I’m doing next month for the plant ID class I’m assisting with.

Restraint restraint restraint.

What to do when I’ve already had lunch but still have a few minutes before class?

Folks near , stop by Octapas in downtown Oly. Excellent food. Original, inspired cocktails. Great place to linger. Prices are not unreasonable. Near Orca Books and other downtown businesses.

Western Washington is getting the rainy weather I wanted. We have been far too dry for late winter/ early spring. But now it’s rainy and blustery and cold and I’m complaining again. Can’t we have appropriately warm, gentle rain, please? Whine whine whine

From yesterday’s walk. Gorgeous day for light.

In the photo is the site of last year’s red
alder thinning. Grass and (not clear in the photo) carpets of Siberian miner’s lettuce (Claytonia siberica). Conifers and bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) were left standing.

The owner lets me wander throughout his property whenever I want. His farm is a small-scale, sustainable “working forest”. The red alder (Alnus rubra) harvested from this site sustained severe damage in a 1996 ice storm.

Off to take my favorite walk, the first in many months. Because of everything I had to do this morning, I don't have time to do the Big Walk that includes hiking up to the local cell tower and back, but a walk through the forest will do well for my body and my heart.

I’m a TA for a plant ID class.

Instructor: “Find me a handful of specimens to demonstrate leaf shape and arrangement.”


Another Business Management class for my forestry degree. Why do I hate hate hate business jargon? “Deliverables”. “Work packages”. Even “product” has an oily sound to it. Ew.

Here’s a one-day update on my ‘wort’s seta. Lookie what happened overnight! 😃

One photo shows a portion of the colony. Seta does not belong to the dominant Marchantia polymorpha, but to Pellia neesiana, the smaller, sometimes redder, “leafier” ‘wort that’s more obvious in the other photos. Last photo shows the base where it attaches. I won’t try describing more, because I’m learning as I go, as always.

When I turn on the ceiling fan all the kittens freak out except for Ellie, who stares fixedly at it and then tries to attack it from the floor. I love her. Ellie would try to kill the sun, given a chance

blossoms at night
trial by fire
even cool air basking
the day ends

I forgot to add a link to a description of reproduction.*

I’ve been watching this community of liverworts for almost 3 years now, and this is the first time I’ve seen seta here.


In North America, albino redwood trees are quite well known. Unable to support themselves, they survive purely through the help of the other trees which surround them. In a forest, those with more always give to those with less, so that all can survive.

That's an example for all of us to learn from.

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