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My fancy, frivolous frou-frou tuberous begonia has been a joy all summer, but never more than right now, when its rich, red flowers are lit up against a background of senescing witch hazel leaves (β€œDiane”).


homemade chicken broth is this easy 

Every recipe I see overthinks chicken broth. This is all you need:

1 whole, dressed chicken, *skin on*
Cold water
Salt (water should taste briny)

πŸ“Submerge a clean, whole chicken in cold, salted water.
πŸ“Heat slowly. *Keep just below a simmer. Never let it boil.*

πŸ“When grey froth starts forming, skim regularly until no more forms.
πŸ“Cook until a thigh pulls easily from carcass.
πŸ“Remove carcass.** Allow to cool. Optional: If you refrigerate the broth, you can remove the fat and save to substitute for oil in recipes.
πŸ“Strain into 32oz yogurt containers. This is a nice size for recipes. Optional: use a separator to reduce fat content.
πŸ“Freeze or use. Broth is good enough to drink when feeling blechy.

**Of course, process the chicken. But this is a broth recipe. ☺️

I don’t have to work today. I’m working alone and no one is waiting for me. Yet, my alarm went off at 6:00 and here I am finishing breakfast so I can scoot out the door at 7:15. 😐

Fuzzy black caterpillar crawling over my fingertips. Background is small pine trees and a road.

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I think it’s sweet and a little embarrassing that when it’s time to eat, my dog will stand at the table rather than sit because he knows I get up 5 times before I settle in. He’s lying down now, waiting for that last bite of meatloaf.

I violated the proper proportions in tonight’s negroni, and all was fine with the universe.

1 1/2* - 2 oz gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz Campari

Shake well, serve with or without ice.

*1 oz is traditional.

pizza porn 

If you watch this video of ’s pizza assembly all the way through, you are either

1. A baker of pizzas
2. From Chicago
3. A hopeless pizza aficionado
4. Bored, and maybe a bit hungry


What does "give me a minute" mean to you?

Mimosa Γ  la Fritillaria:

One (1) pair yoga pants

One (1) cashmere sweater

This much Prosecco

Orange juice optional

PAWS of Grays Harbor was chosen as the charity for the 2nd Furvana convention in Ocean Shores, WA, last weekend. They raised $4000 (!!!) for the beloved animal shelter (which my SO happens to be the ED for.) I absolutely love this photo, thought I’d share it with you:

I’m not used to the way my new iPhone takes screenshots. I’m ready to start a new photo album just with the accidents. I have about 20 so far in my first two weeks. πŸ™„

Doggo adventure with .

[Photos show a German shepherd mix standing in front of a large pond surrounded by shrubs, blue sky in the background with white puffy clouds. Drinking water from my orange hard hat. Licking a soft serve ice cream cone, eyes closed with bliss.]

There is a fine line between putting music on to energize the dish doing and dinner making, and that energizing music leading to dancing around ecstatically, ignoring everything else.

To get a new phone with my old account, I had to abandon my old number, which was associated with a family plan and couldn’t migrate independently. With the change, my old mastodon app will not allow me to log into my instance, so I use the new app. My phone, my number, was a part of my emancipation and my emerging identity. So it’s a bittersweet passage.

β€œFurvana 2021” September 10-12, in Ocean Shores, WA

PAWS of Grays Harbor was chosen to be this year’s charity beneficiary. 🐢🐱

(Tell them Fritillaria sent you. I promise, they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.)

(Photo is a repeat of this information for visibility.)

I got some western hemlock pitch on my hands and lips today at work. It is... actually quite tasty, like super-sticky, tree-flavored honey.

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