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There are a frightening number of cocktail skewers on my office desk.

Finished the kitchen drain, cleaned out the dryer vents—ye gads!— and on to... more of the stuff that needs doing, now that I'm on a roll? Maybe. Or maybe reward myself with a couple hours of herbarium updating. With a martini.


Aha’s masterpiece Take On Me as performed by toothbrushes, printers, and assorted midi driven accoutrements. This is a deep truth and revelation of the ultimate adorability inherent in everything.


‪Let’s see how much gets done just to avoid dealing with the slow, leaky kitchen sink drain. ‬

Early fall bird report:

Juncos are back, and the fat golden crowned sparrows. Chickadees abound: both the black-cap and chestnut-back. We saw two vireos today. Towhees have their adult plumage at last. Our own resident baby scrub jays—once fluffy and scruffy and gray— are now sleek blue/grey/white and have mostly moved on, making way for the Stellar’s jays, at least until Mama and Papa return to raise another family.

Photo: scrub jay nest, from the bamboo stand I thinned.

I wish wildlife Twitter existed on Mastodon.

@Fritillaria2 I’ve wanted a multilevel follow approval option for awhile now. Like I can approve people to follow my public posts - so they show in their home timeline. Th current setup seems to assume that people who want to approve followers will have mostly private posts, which isn’t always the case!

Hmmm. I’ve had many follow requests over the years from private accounts. If your posts are only visible to followers, how can I know whether to approve a follow request or follow back? I don’t approve follows without a good look at your profile, toots, replies, boosts, etc. Please enjoy my public toots. I don’t have many private ones, so you’re not missing much, but what’s just for my followers is just for my followers for a reason.

Veronica americana, American speedwell, from the Quinault River. 👆(Hopefully the correct ID). The easy key is the leaf margins: here, they are slightly serrated. (European Veronica species leaf margins are entire.)

PS Cars are the best for diffused light and neutral backdrop. 👍

Every few days there is one song, and today this is that one song. One of Ronan's very best:

"Teleconnect Pt.2" (Transnational, 2013)

Rain all day yesterday: the perfect ending to the best summer ever.

PS YES I love vermouth in my martini! None of this "wave the bottle over the glass" shit. Pour it on!*

*but leave my Manhattan out of it. I like that as dry as possible, thank you.

Martini... sitting at my desktop computer... completing my last-minute scholarship application... school has unofficially begun!

tomato toast “recipe” and photo 

Every other tree in the PNW: Tent caterpillars? Not a problem this year. There’s no need to make such a fuss.

This little tree: But...

I arrived at the West Olympia co-op, still feeling stinky and gross, but suddenly less self-conscious about my gross clothes with the giant purple blotch on the back. I fit right in here. 😉

... and stinky, too. Even *I* don’t want to stand next to me. 😖

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