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Hi, I’m Sarah. She/her

Forestry graduate working in ecological restoration. Mom to two amazing young women and a dog. Wild plant nerd and biology geek. Fountain of useless information. Expert overthinker.

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My new year’s resolution is to eat through my cupboard full of jams and jellies and preserves my friends have gifted me. I just finished a blueberry jam, and this morning opened up a jar of Oregon grape jam from mastodon’s very own @mcmoots 👋🏼 It has a deep, earthy tang, like blueberry jam’s funkier cousin.

This resolution is utter torture. I highly recommend it.

Be careful that the woman you are calling Karen isn’t just a strong woman calling bullshit on something.

I thought I finally had a gorgeous weekend to catch up on work, but nooooo… Stupid tsunami warning.

The worst part is that I wouldn’t feel so compelled to work if I actually was making enough money.

As it is, I’m checking wave height and timing, advisories for what to avoid, and it all looks like a “go” to me, but okay, if people were worried about me, fine. If I had money I’d not think twice about skipping today.

Now I’m at home, moping.

[Meme reads:]

CAT VAMPIRE: let me in!
ME: ok
CAT VAMPIRE: you fool! now I will suck your bl-
ME: *closes door*
CAT VAMPIRE: let me out

thinking about curling inwards until the bounds of the knowable retreat away from me as a defeated tide

Autocorrect changed the intended “getting quietly dressed” to “getting queerly dressed,” and I suppose that’s a thing, isn’t it?

I’m making myself abandon the notion that if I take a shower in the morning, that negates my ability to get sweaty in the afternoon. (Definitely a first world problem if there ever was one.)

Recently I’ve been enjoying playing the NYT sudoku puzzles. The last time I played sudoku with intent was back in the print days of the early 1990’s, so playing it on my app is really nice (and tidy). Adding this back into my weekend routine has been one of the nicest, luxurious ways to use my time for ignoring the demands of the day. 📰☕️

Me: Finally, a day when I have some energy!

Me: Messes are piling up all over the house! Time to bust ass!

Me: <busts ass cleaning behind the sink with a toothpick>

Me: The piles never go away! 😩

Here’s a drone photo shared by a local operator showing the same location my video* was taken, in context with the surrounding area. The point on the bridge that was standing is on the farthest right, near the tree line. You can see how my video, in comparison with this photo, completely fails in showing the vastness of this flood.

*see recent post

[Photo credit: Jayme White Donnelly]

The Chehalis River, yesterday, below the bridge near my house. The bridge rocked, almost imperceptibly. That, with the churning waters, made standing there a little vertiginous.

The crest of the flood doesn’t reach us until today— two days after a storm. So, I stood, not a drop of rain falling on me, and only a touch of wind on my face, and watched the water rise. Surreal.

This view looks up the main channel, with inundated floodplains stretching a half mile past the left of the scene.

Anyway, what started all this tooting was the realization that the garbage/recycle pickup that was cancelled last week due to ice and snow, will very likely be cancelled this week because of flooding. Sigh.

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*for canucks like @gemlog, 3 inches is 12 toads, or 1/2 a basket (or 1/3 an Imperial basket). If that still doesn’t clear things up, it’s 7.5 centipedes. (I don’t know why “centipedes” is so superior to toads and baskets, but okay.)

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Three inches* of rain today, on top of the rain-on-snow flooding from earlier this week. Ugh.

Stocking up on a handful on things at the store today in case we’re stuck. I’m not as worried about the roads between me and Aberdeen, but Aberdeen itself. Monday was already a shitshow of detours around low-lying neighborhoods. (I fully expect us to be cut off from getting to Olympia.

We’ll see if this is as major a flooding event as ‘07 and ‘09. Stay tuned for more catastrophes!

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this hour of the Vulpine Club is brought to you in part by

the wonderful world of cheese

cheese, delicious cheese

often available wherever cheese is sold

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(Comet has a marathon today.)

Me: Good thing you’ve already seen them all a hundred times.

Him: Yeah.
Him: Here comes Godzilla’s first onscreen appearance! He’s going to peek over those hills! 🤩
Him: They used a puppet head for this scene.
Him: Look at those ears! 😍

Happy New Year to all.#!

May your resolutions be broken as quickly as possible, to get the inevitable disappointment over with and get on with your life.

Cheers! 🥂

The Christmas leggings I bought from the thrift store to match my ugly Christmas sweater are so comfortable, I’m going to wear them until they are so threadbare they fall apart. ❤️

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