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B.C.’s old-growth forest announcement won’t actually slow down logging: critics.

As rumours swirl of a snap fall election, the NDP government has announced development deferrals for nine areas — but closer inspection reveals a startling absence of old growth, and some areas have already been clear cut.

“You don’t get Emergency Mimosa Prosecco until you can say ‘Emergency Mimosa Prosecco’”

@Fritillaria2 technically the plural they/them as most people have two butt-cheeks

Mosses and other bryophytes aren’t like vascular plants because they don’t have to be. That doesn’t mean they’re more primitive. The idea that they are “less evolved” is a gross misunderstanding of evolution. Most extant moss species are actually more recent than many vascular plants. Also, bryophyte-dominated landscapes, namely sphagnum bogs, sequester more carbon than all forests combined. Learn more about bryophytes and pervasive misconceptions:

This mom officially has a kid who is dating. 😱

I was honored by my 13 yo daughter tonight, who announced she had a girlfriend. We were the first family she told. (“It’s not a competition,” my SO said. “Pfft! Of course not!” <whistles innocently>)

I’m pleased that years of presenting sexual orientations as normal and acceptable has paid off. I think she was just as embarrassed as if she had announced a boyfriend.

Hurray for communication! And acceptance. ❤️ I offered her a ride to see her.

Mentally articulating the problems I have attempting to follow the advice to “do something when you think about it so you won’t forget” (topic of yesterday’s poll). I figured it out:

I’ll start a task I’m thinking of, when, while doing so, a series of other tasks cascades in my brain. Sticking to those first tasks becomes a challenge I have to work through. It’s hard to move on to the next, more important task without completing the new one, as if there’s a physical barrier between the two.

Poll: is "do it when you think about it" good advice? Or no? 

"Do it when you think about it, that way you won't forget."

In your life, do you find that to be:

I like that cheese and butter are cousins

Haven’t found the pen yet, but I’ve found another I could lose.

I mean, “use.”

Bought an “emergency” notebook for on-the-go thoughts, recently about working with my . Wrote my first thought, then lost track of the pen I had in my hand 30 seconds before.

My high school was closed for asbestos removal my senior year. My college campus is closed my senior year. Strange coincidence.

Unabashedly loving “Cobra Kai” tv series (2018). Based off of “The Karate Kid,” this show not only is cheesy, it absolutely embraces its cheesiness. If you’re and/or you love the movie, watch this. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, the original movie rivals, reprise their roles some 30+ years later *and it’s fabulous*. Zero—okay, almost zero—substance, fun and cheesy, this is a great way to spend a brainless evening.

Working alone today, I thought a lot about my , gaining insights, thinking of strategies to work around it to gain better time management skills, more focus and less anxiety, then I locked my keys in the van. Again.

Reflecting on ADHD today: disruptions, 3/2 

Working the road, I have to get in my van, drive, locate invasive plants, find a pullout, walk, collect, walk back to the van, get in the van, drive...

It (um) drives me nuts. I want just to walk and drop off filled bags at pullouts for collection at the end of the day. I have a really hard time rolling that into the process. I’m trying to convince my boss to let me do what I want, but that’s a lot of miles, and miles I don’t need to walk. 😕

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Reflecting on ADHD today: disruptions 2/2 

Disruptions happen, though. I’m trying to create habits to organize how I do things to minimize that. I still feel it, though. I hate stopping my weed collecting to enter data. But it has to happen, so mentally, I have to roll that into the process. I have, however, streamlined data entry so I make as few transitions as possible, which makes it feel less disruptive.

Distractions are similar, but they are internal disruptions. Thinking more on that.


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