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@Frankenbeans They just want to be the ones to define the central code of conduct.

A month ago, everyone: "Yay, the freedom of decentralized social media where communities can form around their own values and according to their own internal rules."

Today, everyone: "What we need is a central code of conduct by which everyone must conform or risk punishment imposed by people outside their community."

New boss, same as the old boss.

Before any of you cow punchers get uppity, credit for the first use of "toot" in tutorial goes to the Kingdom of Loathing.

If you are a man using a public restroom that happens to have a baby changing station in it and a wild banshee of a woman with infant in tow happens to start banging on the door you do not acquiesce to her and her stupid baby. In fact, take longer and enjoy your shit. You earned it. Let the baby wallow in their baby shit. I'd give anything to be able to shit like a baby these days. That baby doesn't know how good he/she has it. Bowels of purity. That is the dream for every middle aged man.

542,470 accounts
+287 in the last hour
+9,388 in the last day
+118,387 in the last week
1,361 active instances

I'm connected to a college friend who is SUPER active on LinkedIn. i don't know what spamming on LinkedIn looks like, but this guy is probably the poster child for it. He keeps talking about his brand as a marketing manager, and his posts are full of grammar errors. On one hand, I want to reach out and be like, "Duuuuuude," and on the other who can resist watching a train wreck?

Foreground: Niagra white grapes putting out shoots. Background: root vegetables and cooking greens bed ready for planting today.

I think the girl who lives across the street is crushing on me right now (whenever she is outside when I am outside, I catch her stealing glances). I think her live-in boyfriend has figured this out, because whenever she is outside, he is always watching her. And, if you haven't figured this out by now, I work outside but mostly I watch everyone. So, everyone is watching everyone else.

People are weird.

The cool weather bed has a growing space 44 in length, four feet wide. Put in four feet of flower buffer to make it look nice at parties, and you've got five sections of eight feet with three rows per section. What plants to grow (the chef has requested Falstaff Brussels sprouts), and how to stagger them are the questions that will baffle generations of my progeny.

Mint is easy enough to weed ... find the root and yank. But man, does it spread fast. Beware!

If you can't trust the advice of desk chairs in your landlord's storage garage, what hope have we?

Do any of you Mastodons make money online using creative content platforms like Patreon?

A mild swear 

And now on Naked and Afraid, a grown-ass man gets outsmarted by an iguana.

So, we have a 2lbs (1kg) burger πŸ” at one of the fast food restaurants in Ukraine... if this toot will get a 100 boosts I will order it and show it to you guys in details :D

#burger #huge #enormous #food #challenge #odd #crazy #junk #fastfood

If there's one thing I've learned from my time in tech and digital publishing it's that people react very badly when you criticise a piece of tech or a standard that's key in how they plan on making money. _Especially_ if the flaws that criticism is pointing out harm their project's profitability. If their company's viability would increase by fixing those flaws: outright fury.

Every time. Always. Consistent.

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