Hi Octodon, been several months. Since my last, I planted a garden, defeated a flood, and replanted a garden. Even bigger, I started a love affair with leggings. But for dudes. Wearing a pair right now, in fact. So comfy.

hey, it's totally nice to discover your tracks being uploaded on YT! that's what CC is for: youtube.com/watch?v=P93C5yWOyb

the track comes from album "Rudi Rudi", an exploration of instrumental hip-hop from 2006, + released via legendary Kahvi netlabel

free downloads/name-your-price/streaming:

#creativecommons #mastomusic #mastoart
#patreon patreon.com/lukaprincic

Hi Octodon. Been gone a minute. This is what I've been up to, hanging baskets of supertunias and morning glories to fill the garden archway with lots of colorful life.

First Monday off in years. Applying for freelance jobs, gonna garden and eat well. Also, a friend saved me a weed brownie for later.

Attended a board meeting for my neighborhood association this morning as its new secretary. It reminded me of how much I like my neighbors and generally where I live. Also reminded me how much I hate our car-centric society that encourages people from not getting to know folks living on the next block over.

@Elizafox That's because progressives tend to give up easily. They need to gird up, fight, prepare to lose a few, but never give in.

@Elizafox George Bush is a liberal to them, anymore. They lost all sense of ideological cohesion when that black dude became president and overt racism got the best of them.

@Elizafox Those progressives ought to do what the Tea Party did and get involved by first taking over local elected positions and grassroots-level places in the Democratic Party. Or the Republican Party.

Hullo Octodon. At work midway through my second to last week at my shitty day job. Up all night, which is why I'm leaving.

@jason That's where I'd like to go, so moral support for a fellow professional poor would be great.

@jason I put in my two weeks yesterday. in a couple of weeks, I'm totally out-lazying you.

@derwinmcgeary I am feeling pretty underrepresented at every level but local, so I'd rather see us win that competition for purely selfish reasons.

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