Hi Octodon. Been gone a minute. This is what I've been up to, hanging baskets of supertunias and morning glories to fill the garden archway with lots of colorful life.

Foreground: Niagra white grapes putting out shoots. Background: root vegetables and cooking greens bed ready for planting today.

If you can't trust the advice of desk chairs in your landlord's storage garage, what hope have we?

Good day, Octodontists! My breakfast: A red pepper stuffed with eggs, bacon, mini-portobello mushroom, avocado and garlice cheddar cheese. Regrettable Italian sourdough toast and a mango-pineapple salad. The coffee is excellent, as is the music (Tower of Power).

Friday cheers, Ostodon, with a double IPA. If y'all find yourselves in mid-Michigan, stop by the garden for a tour and a drink.

Today from the garden: Two years ago, I transplanted in some tiger lilies from my next-door neighbor's yard. He got his tiger lilies from his father, who has passed. So this little corner of a brewpub garden is, in fact, a little grove dedicated to my next-door neighbor's father.

Working in the garden is sometimes like an exciting treasure hunt Sometimes you find chives in a new place, or that the lovage is a lovely purple. And occasionally you find a weather-protected bowl owned by one of the kitchen staff.

Back to work for the 2017 growing season. I work for our local brewpub and craft brewer. Just had an exciting conversation with the brewer about growing ingredients for a summer gruit. That is, my hard work gets turned into beer.

I bought this rototiller last summer. It makes me giddy to finally break it out for the year.

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