Every progressive I know here has basically begun to become disillusioned the Democratic party because they don't see them as progressive anymore since the moderate Republicans fled to them after the Tea Party and Trump took over 😂


@Elizafox Those progressives ought to do what the Tea Party did and get involved by first taking over local elected positions and grassroots-level places in the Democratic Party. Or the Republican Party.

@Frankenbeans A takeover of the Democrats is probably easier given they are very weak atm and the party has no real sense of unity anymore

@Frankenbeans I mean neither do the Republicans but the one thing they can agree on is "fuck anyone farther left than George Bush"

@Elizafox George Bush is a liberal to them, anymore. They lost all sense of ideological cohesion when that black dude became president and overt racism got the best of them.

@Frankenbeans Well voter turnout is very low in the primaries, the one thing that usually /actually/ influences the election. Most districts are won in the primary.

Only the most passionate people come out, the rest stay home.

For the Republicans, this basically means Tea Party whackjobs, sovereign citizens, racists, and evangelicals (these groups are not always mutually exclusive).

For the Democrats this inevitably means neoliberals.

@Frankenbeans And I suspect most people don't realise they really can just go to the election board and run for whatever party they want, and contest in the primaries.

That said, they can only expect party endorsement if they actually toe the line. Otherwise they'll be tossed to the wolves.

@Elizafox That's because progressives tend to give up easily. They need to gird up, fight, prepare to lose a few, but never give in.

@Frankenbeans Yeah, this really needs to be seen as a fight against neoliberalism for the left, because people don't take third parties seriously in America.

@Frankenbeans Friends have said "why doesn't Bernie Sanders make his own party, with blackjack and hookers?"

And I am like

"Okay and who's gonna vote for this party? How will they even get on the ballot? Do you really expect to convert Yellow Dog Democrats?"


@Elizafox @Frankenbeans I see it. They deny it. It's that open secret like the creepy uncle whose lap no one sits on but no one wants to talk about. We're trying to get past that in some places, moving civil war monuments from town squares to museums and it's "The war of Northern Aggression" all over again. Yes, that war was about racism and slavery . Why do many keep pretending it wasn't?

@Frankenbeans @Elizafox I hesitate to jump into these discussions. Here. These are things that affect us all though. At least this discussion was more meta than some other places.

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