Wait what. How do I react to regular posts? o_o

How do I clear announcements. 😹

Food (+, vegan) 

First food photo in the new place. ^_^

I’m not a huge fan of General Tso’s but my brother is and he’s not a fan of how much vegan food I’ve been making so this is a good compromise.

I'm not sure why this exists and I don't like Frozen (ask me for a Frozen rant some day ... I swear I have a good reason). But gosh am I tempted.

My most popular Mastodon post ever ... is an "ATTENTION BAJORAN WORKERS" meme I made yesterday on a whim.

Food cw (picture) 

Occasional reminder that pancakes are a potential outcome of dating me. :blobheartcat:

Pardon my saying so but that seems to be the opposite of the point.

Star Trek meme with Worf and Jadzia (mild Galaxy Quest ribbing) 

Me whenever anyone tries to tell me Galaxy Quest is sooooo great because Star Trek.

Food cw (vegan recipe) 

Made this for lunches this week thestingyvegan.com/vegan-jamba

I made a few changes over the original but nothing intentional and worth repeating on purpose.

I’ll probably add it to the resources file next time I update my blog (I have lots of backlogged changes that will go through in the next update).

Nail polish 

I love this color. Not quite the right shade for my skin though.

The award for lewdest looking food in my house goes to (picture of lewd looking food) 

This blueberry pie.

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