I tried to get 8 hours of sleep. It didn't work but at least I managed 7 (sleep, medicine, etc.) 

I'm so sick of the societal pressure on this btw. Official people always telling you to get 7-8 hours of sleep but taking something to help isn't real sleep and you're going to have bad health consequences. But no actually useful advice.

Just constantly shaming you about how it'll contribute to diabetes and other stuff. But it's my fault because I didn't figure out a way to get more sleep w/o help.

continued (sleep, medicine, etc.) 

Everything in our culture is like this. An impossible puzzle with no practical advice and a heaping pile of blame on the people who don't figure it out.

There are sleep study centers all across the country basically which seem to only be effective at telling people whether or not they need a CPAP but it's my personal fault I haven't figured out a way to get 8 hours a night without taking medicine to help.

continued (sleep, medicine, culture of victim blaming) 

And that's just one thing. Our culture of blame touches every single aspect of our lives.

"Use your coping methods!" What coping methods? Did just my parents and teachers forget to teach me and everyone else already knows?


No not really. And much if not all of what you find when googling is just appallingly bad. No a coping method list made by not-very-subtle evangelicals is not acceptable advice to give a non-christian.

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