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Me: girl who says she doesn't care about anything
Also me: girl who cares deeply about everything
Also also me: girl who needs a nap

warning: cuteness 

I regret to inform you that you are extremely cute.

uspol, disinfo 

There are Russian campaigns trying to get left wing voters to sit out the US election

It is possible to both think that electoralism won't solve all our problems and that voting is a form of damage control. Don't be manipulated by fascists. Request a ballot. Cast a vote.

pokedex was a mistake because you should never expose a primary key as an external reference

Cats, friendship, Covid-19 meta, mental health (oblique reference to death) 

I talked to my brother about adopting another cat. Looking for adjust cats at the moment. We found an absolute cutie and we’re starting on the adoption process now.

It’s unclear if we’ll get to meet our new friend ahead of time if we do get to adopt him. Which feels really weird to me but it’s life right now.

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I don't know what trans gal needs to hear this but cis women shave their faces way more often than you'd think.

Cats, friendship, Covid-19 meta, mental health (oblique reference to death) 

I think my cat needs a friend. (My other cat passed a while ago.)

I’m not sure how to bring it up to my brother.

I also need a friend but even before pandemic hit the usual things they tell you to do aren’t overly safe when you’re a queer person living in a wildly transphobic and homophobic area.

I'd like to tell you how much awesome stuff I've been up to since I was last active on Mastodon.

But it's mostly sucked and I haven't gotten much done except at the day job. should be replaced by a worker owned collective.

things that are considered classy when ur rich but trashy if ur poor incl. but are not limited to:
- doing drugs
- getting ur nails done
- sex work
- being bilingual
- tobacco
- dropping out of college
- tiny homes
- thrifted clothes
-‘taking a year off to explore yourself’
-spending money on things that aren’t “necessary”.

Reposted from a friend. What else goes on this list?

BBC, transmisia, negative 

So, a couple weeks back, the BBC's LBGT+ support page quietly dropped three trans-specific helplines:

At the time, the reason was unknown even to the corporation's internal Pride Network.

Now, we hear the reason has been officially given - confirmation that they were 'dropped due to “audience complaints” relating to the “increasingly contested issues relating to trans issues and children”'.

Fuck that with a rusty chainsaw. Removal of those support lines gives clear support to those who *don't need those helplines*, and unambiguously aligned management against trans people. It's not coincidental that with the ramping up of TERFs in the press has come a sharp rise in harassment and violent attacks against trans people; either the BBC supports that, or they oppose it.

Their complaints page:

As the former child of crafty people, I can tell you two things with absolute certainty:

1. If your juicer needs to connect to the internet, it is Some Kind of Scam
2. Do not make “juice” from carrots, it’s disgusting

detransition rate

In this study there were 3,398 patients, 16 mentioned regret or detransition.

12 attribute this to social pressure, and only 3 de-transitioned with no intention to transition again.

That’s 3 people from a sample of 3,398 trans people.

That’s 0.088% of people sampled. Literally less than 1 in 1000 people seeking treatment to aid transition.

Therefore the successful treatment rate is 99.92% of people treated being trans, and happy with the results of treatment.

suck my farts transphobes.

It shouldn’t be necessary to use PayPal for anything.

Mastodon fixed something so I can actually scroll back without the slightest interaction with a post flinging me back up to the top. (This was happening on the mobile web interface constantly.)

I haven’t been on much because of reasons but I’m so glad to be able to use my home timeline without getting constantly flung to the top every few seconds.

@yogthos homework is evil. I hate it and it is mostly just busy work anyway.

As a teacher, I made it a rule to give kids in my class time to complete homework. I even had makeup days where they could do the pages they lost or missed. No penalty.

Test scores improved instantly with that change.

People in this book are smooching each other and I am not smooching anyone. Unfair.

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