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Me: girl who says she doesn't care about anything
Also me: girl who cares deeply about everything
Also also me: girl who needs a nap

I finally got internet back last night. Despite the usual sources saying there was no outage, the folks on Nextdoor said there was and I saw how many trucks were out to resolve the non-outage.

Let’s call it six trucks because it was definitely at least that many.

While I was waiting on the internet to resolve itself, i got involved in a new chore. The output is fun but the effort is dull. So I’ll either be on a lot ... later today. Or on very little.

A Girl does not need Permission to be Good.

I thought “Well, this isn’t so bad. I’ll work on some programming projects I’ve been putting off” and then I realized I hadn’t downloaded the libraries I need.

I need someone to ship me all of the PyPi packages on a drive. 😰

Writing a satirical article about the health benefits of eating “my entire ass” and accidentally having it go national and taken very seriously.

As praxis.

Internet went out because of weather. All of my books are still in boxes. >_> This is a bit of a problem.

Although one I could solve by continuing my DS9 watchthrough.

Writing a satirical article about the health benefits of eating “my entire ass” and accidentally having it go national and taken very seriously.

As praxis.

It's 9PM. I'm seriously considering going to bed now. I am the sleepiest girl so I guess I'm the only one who's surprised.

Hmm. Now it’s cleared but I didn’t do anything different than the first few times I tried to clear it.

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Wait what. How do I react to regular posts? o_o

How do I clear announcements. 😹

Since we are talking atheism on the timeline: I remember a distinct moment as a young atheist when Islamaphobia was becoming dominant in atheist circles and it became suddenly clear to me that I was being presented with a choice about which mattered to me more: a hatred of religious thought, or a humanistic love of other people.

38 words in 90 minutes. I'm not going to blame this on the time of day, day of week, or subject matter yet though.

For now let's just say there might be too much internet.

You might say 7AM on a Sunday is too early in the day to write *dramatic pause* adult fiction. And you might be right.

For a proper test, we'll have to have a lot of writers test it out and a lot of other writers do something else instead. Like watch that new sonic movie.

I'm betting that the answers will not be quickly forthcoming.

Those are the only two options. There's nothing else to do this early on a Sunday.

That time when Voyager caught Species 8472 cosplaying their favorite Earth high school drama: Starfleet Academy.

My cat decided I should be awake. Several times. He won about 15 minutes ago.

I'm not sure he meant to get the bed all to himself but now that I'm awake at this unholy hour, I'm going to do some writing.

As soon as the coffee finishes.

me: "Yeah, she's a trans woman."
cishet friend: "So, originally male?"
me: "She's a trans woman."
ch friend: "Transitioning TO male?"
me: "Trans. Woman."
ch friend: "Okay."


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