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Me: girl who says she doesn't care about anything
Also me: girl who cares deeply about everything
Also also me: girl who needs a nap

Me: My number is 6986420666.

Them: Wait, your number is “sex number cancelled weed beast”?

Me: Just on main.

cowardly of you all to call it pokemon s-word. i am simply going to march up to the gamestop counter and ask for the game "pokemon shit"

Extremely lewd don't open!! 

ST:VOY S6E2 ("The Haunting of Deck Twelve") 

[text description: ayothewuisback on tumblr

"White people's definition of racism is hurt feelings, instead of what it actually is, and that's [the] systematic destruction of an ethnic group.
Understand that, and then you'll understand why racism doesn't "go both ways."]

stardate 97470.8 i complain about neelix 

I’ve been waiting all day to make that joke and then I accidentally posted it Followers Only.

Me: My number is 6986420666.

Them: Wait, your number is “sex number cancelled weed beast”?

Me: Just on main.

misgendering shitpost 

Most atheists only know about one religion well: the one they disowned. But they tend to make careless assumptions about the rest when they "oppose all religions equally". And since they are quite uninformed about other religions, they easily fall prey to bigoted narratives.

Verbal gymnastics in to avoid using lay/lie because even when you use it right it sounds/looks wrong.

ST:DS9 S3E22 (“Explorers”) 

hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

School taught me that there are exclusively four Romance languages. There's actually 23-35 or so, depending on how you count.

School taught me there's exclusively five senses, but Wikipedia lists 13 or so.

Why should I be surprised when "there are exclusively two genders" turns out to be false as well?

Star Trek conundrum 

ST:VOY technology gripe 

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