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You think we'll get Pikmin 4 before Metroid Prime 4

Apparently it's possible to get audiobooks in Overcast and all but idk how willing I am to go through the trouble

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Tried to listen to samples of an audiobook and my first thought was "where is the setting to cut silence in the audio?". Overcast's smart speed really spoiled me 🥲

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MemLab looks really promising. Glad to see some serious tooling start to emerge for finding client-side memory leaks in web apps!

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Okay Internet, tu sais où je peux trouver un bon scanner photo/négatif? On a, genre, plusieurs centaines de photos et négatifs a numériser donc plus c'est rapide mieux c'est 😵‍💫

I was actually calling a mobile carrier to cancel my plan and somehow every time they'd put me on hold THIS SHIT would blast out of the phone. No clue why or how but I had to contain my laughter.

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I think I somehow managed to get the depths of Hell on the phone. (Volume warning)

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good morning fedizen. let me teach you some beautiful relevant french

'nique sa mère la reine d'angleterre' = i love the royal family 😊

Posting this for absolutely no reason and especially not because of ppl stanning for Elizabeth II

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