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2020: This one is hard because, like, on one hand, I poured ~80h into Hades in total, but also Half-Life: Alyx came out, so...

Fuck it, both.

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I can't choose between them so I'll say both Get In The Car Loser! and Chicory

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To expand on ER: maybe I fucked up my build by not choosing specific stats, idk, but at this point I sunk ~30hours into it and the sunk cost fallacy makes me not want to start everything over to think it a bit more through.

On the other hand I loved every minute of Neon White.

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2022: I _could_ put Elden Ring there bc clearly there's something to this game that I'd enjoy but frankly I suck too much at it lmao.

I blew right past Neon White and might come back to it to beat grind the record times. This game knows what it wants to be and that's good.

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He sits there all the time but for some reason he just took this cool pose all of a sudden. What a handsome boy

Almost a shame that the longest part of this process will be to rip the tapes because i can't do it faster than real-time lol

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Alternatively, I tried using other_video_transcoding to convert the mpg the capture device spits out into mp4 and... gosh it took 1mn30 to convert the file using hardware encoding/decoding on my M1 Pro, bonkers stuff

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Random reason why the Internet Archive rules: I'm digitizing VHS tapes using a cheapo analog capture device. Problem is its drivers are on a CD. I obviously don't have any CD-ROM drives handy but someone made a full iso of the CD and uploaded it on IA, bless them.

Gotta hand one thing to yarn is that at least I can type `yarn foo` where `foo` is a npm script defined in package.json and it just works

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I keep forgetting that `npm build` is NOT a valid npm command, while `npm start` is. I feel like either build should work or start shouldn't bc I do not like the inconsistency.

Now that I think about it maybe I just want a game about laying out/managing train tracks? πŸ€”

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Finally understanding the signal system (the game makes no effort to teach it to you so I had to find guides that explain it better) really unlocked something in my brain and turns out: trains good .

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Fell back down into Factorio because as it turns out it's a good way to burn time away when Internet is out and I need to be careful about my 4G data cap. Poured ~18h into this save I started, like, on Thursday? πŸ˜…

Welp. Good thing I didn't touch it because of how sketchy it all felt, god knows what the fuck this tool actually does.

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This email looks like a phishing email (weird sender that's meant to be "me", weird formatting, etc) but apparently the related website is an official Google thing to help migrating to Manifest V3??? Weird

These scientists tried to grow human vocal chords in a petri dish.

The results speak by themselves.

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