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This is now a Pick Pack Pup appreciation page

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Love it when Anglos go "<written word with no indication how it's pronounced> is pronounced <different written word with no indication how it's pronounced>"

Like, I guess the only visible difference to the displays being in YPbPr is that text at sizes <20px _and_ that's bright on a dark background becomes fuzzy. Which wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't spending my days writing code on a dark background and reading Terminal output

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Ever since I got my Caldigit TB4 Element Hub and plugged my two USB-C monitors into it (they're Dell S2722DC) I get this thing where they re-connect into YPbPr instead of RGB when my MBP comes back from sleep.

I can fix it by turning the displays off and on again but it's weird

bug picture up close 

Saw this fluffy boi on the window. Macro mode ftw

Society if Justice went even harder after Cross instead of leaning into the dad rock aesthetic

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To this day I hope someone somewhere made a longer version of it that'd be just a mashup of The Party x Master of Puppets

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Thinking about how hard the final of A Cross The Universe went and how Justice never went harder ever afterwards

If you ever wanted an Apple I, there's one on eBay currently going for 300k$, a steal! /s

I've been trying to get back into the 3DS/DS library on my New 3DS but the displays were way too small for my taste so this is so much better

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Man a 2DS XL really is the most comfortable way to play DS games. Or I guess even a 3DS XL could work but A) idc about 3D B) the 2DS XL can still be had relatively cheaply. I should have gotten a 2DS XL way earlier

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*Dans un magasin de running avec mon père*

Le vendeur : "ça c'est le modèle femme (sur des bâtons de marche)"
Moi : "et c'est quoi la différence avec le modèle homme?"
Le vendeur : "la couleur, regardez y a du rose sur le modèle femme"

Ah bah oui évidemment, que je suis bête...

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Okay, who cares about the Geoff Show where clearly all the cooler games are shown during Day of the Devs

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The wayb lets you copy paste random stuff from pictures is bonkers.

*If you make bank with my idea I ask a fair share of 99.999% please and thank you.

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