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And if you're reading this and by any chance match the ".eth" bit and think you're not a bad person: think about what kind of people you're making comfortable by embracing crypto and showing it that way.

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And also I blocked 98K of those already (thanks BlockPartyApp) so I'm not feeling precious about blocking anyone anymore.

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And by that I mean MORE of a fight or flight because before it was just in a "hum, should I bother reading this person?" kind of way. Now it's closer to "should I block this person because they might see me not agreeing with the crypto cult and send trolls my way?"

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On an intellectual level I know they're not all bad people but after the last weekend of cryptobros calling for my head because I've said their tokens were not good I have a fight or flight reaction to any username with ".eth" in it 😬

Blowing shit up with the plasma beam really is the best part of Halo Infinite

That tv-game 15? I took a pic of a tv-game 15...9 years ago already? Unfortunately i dont have the RAWs anymore but I am a sucker for taking pics of retro tech

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Took the evening to get familiar with Capture One in an effort to get away from Adobe products:

- Really like the before/after view
- Adjustement layers are kinda dope
- C1 doesn't pick up film simulations for my X-T1 🥲
- Not a fan of the orange accent color
- Runs very well
- Having the browser view AND the main photo view in the same... "view" feels weird, will take time to get away from the switch in view from Library/Develop in Lightroom but I can see what they're going for.

No appearance controls whatsoever, opening a CW inexplicably scrolls a conversation down, no loading state in empty lists

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Damn the official Mastodon iOS app is..hum... well it works I guess.

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The more time passes, the more I despise centrists. Like, at least right wingers and bigots make it clear where they stand, centrists somehow see a bad thing benefiting some folks whilst doing damage and go "oh geez I can't decide if it's good or bad"

honestly, would people actually want to see what links are trending on their #Mastodon instance? it's an honest question, i don't know why someone would want that

if i wanted to know what features my users want i would simply ignore the feature request list and look at what my evil capitalist competitor does. my goal is to know what the users want not be a evil capitalist

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