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Also the iPad Mini is a great reading mini tablet, love it.

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I'm reading Yotsuba, revisiting the first chapters. Forgot how silly dumb it was.

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thinking about the person who said that the game mafia is racist against italians because the mafia is a real thing and it's a genuine societal issue that shouldn't be trivialized in a game

you're probably thinking "holly that's ridiculous, you didn't actually see that"

and you're right, i didn't. i lied.

i saw someone say that among us is racist against italians for being based on mafia

Every single morning I go through the "oh fuck, handsfree mode" when launching Zoom for the first time because i hear everyone in crunchy mode. I dont like it.

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I'd pay so much money for a way to tell macOS to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever select the Hands-free profile for my bluetooth headphones.

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Le mec est legit en train d'aller sur toutes les replies du post de sa recherche d'appart qui parlent de son drapeau de droitard. Big "i am not owned!! i am not owned!!!" energy

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Twitter c'est génial parce que t'as des mecs qui viennent t'expliquer sérieusement que non le Gasden Flag c'est juste "un symbole de liberté" et pas du tout un ralliement de fachos américains mdr.

It's on a street nearby, not, like, at my place. Still weird thing to see, even in SF.

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Went out to get groceries and came back to...broken records?! 😭

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Demande hébergement Montpellier, boosts appréciés :boosts_ok: 

Yo, je cherche un hébergement temporaire pour une amie trans sur Montpellier. Elle est là en déplacement pour sa thèse et a pris un AirBnB à l'arrache. Elle se retrouve à loger avec son hôte dans 15m², le quartier n'est visiblement pas safe, et le logement est limite insalubre.
Si quelqu'un⋅e a mieux à lui proposer à partir de demain pour quelques jours (le temps de lui trouver une solution ou de la ramener ici), ce serait génial 🙏

Doing a big scary refactor, with only the TypeScript compiler running for ~2h, and running the app in a browser only to find a minor style issue but everything else working as expected.

Never gets old 🤩

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