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Final note: this is not an invitation for Linuxheads to @ me with takes such as "Apple spies on you, you should use Linux". I want an OS that (mostly) works, that's why I use macOS. I don't want to troubleshoot shit on my computer more than I already do, thx.

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Like, there's plenty of things to say about macOS' being more locked down than ever (reasonably so, i'd say, but that's not the point) without having to spread FUD, quoting Richard Stallman (🀒) and acting like this is the end of the world lmao

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From the article it seems that the OP saying that the OCSP implementation was leaking a whole bunch of things _probably_ confused the OCSP mechanism with GateKeeper? But even then I'd be very surprised if even that would send that much un-needed data.

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Huh, what do you know, that scaremongering article about Apple's OCSP implementation sending application hashs was inaccurate πŸ™ƒ

Neither does it seem to send the ISP, city or state, by the way.

I went to turn it back on to check on the battery level and, the scene changes at night!!

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Obviously I had to fetch my OG Game & Watch from the boxes to compare the two. Surprise, they look almost-basically the same!

(You don't want to know how long it took me to get this shot πŸ˜… )

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Conspiracy folks: the gvt is using 5G to give covid to ppl

Me, dealing with computers being broken all the time: no, nothing in tech works, that's just impossible.

After less than a day of using it on my desktop I'm fairly content with Big Sur. Having feature-parity with iOS in the Messages app is cool af.

And I do like the iOS-style icons 🀷

Random power outage on a Friday night while I was cooking crepes. Fun πŸ™ƒ

Don't worry, it's back and on the plus side: my UPS works fine because my NAS shut down gracefully ☺️

Did someone forget to connect the Big Sur update server to 10Gbps or something? The download speed makes me feel like I'm back to my ADSL days πŸ˜‚

iPhone 12 Pro users, do you frantically clean the sides to remove fingerprints every other day or have you given up?

(I still frantically clean them every other day...)

Not explicitly referring to American politics, but we all know what this is about 

This Tumblr post wasn’t written for mastodon, but it’s sure as hell relevant.


Even if Biden isn't perfect by any mean and we'll have to bully him into making actually progressive policies, tt'll be nice not having to worry about a Twitter argument starting a war because the POTUS is terminally online

It's Bandcamp Friday! Yay!

... I have 5 months of Bandcamp releases to go through in one day, fuck 😭

hey everyone, it's bandcamp friday and my new record is now officially out!

it's called MONUMENTS and it's about being okay.


thanks for stopping by, love u

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