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Took the pic again with Halide and the right white balance setting to have something even more accurate, even my previous edit was a bit far off!

It's! Bad!

Climate change is real, gender parties suck ass and the world is burning! Fuck!

Real Mars type shit.

(traduction du pouet précédent)

Voilà des tests intéressants pour l’auto-diagnostique pour l’autisme. Je les vois comme une bonne manière de voir si vous avez une probabilité d’être autiste ou pas; évidemment, c’est un peu ancien et juste un indice: faites vos propres recherches.


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In light of that auto-diag tests for autism/asperger... does anyone have similar resources for ADHD? I relate to way too many ADHD experiences to ignore it so I'm curious :thonking:

Here are interesting auto-diagnosis tests for autism. I see them as a good them to see if you have a probability to be autistic or not; obviously it’s a bit old, and just a clue: do your own researches, too.

Updated link for source:


Love having to choose between being too warm or coughing at night.

Let me fly a Hello Kitty plane in Flight Sim, is all im saying

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I'm very tempted to learn how to design liveries for Flight Sim 2020 so I can bring all the silly japanese themed airplanes...

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If you’re wondering what’s going on that picture, I am 100% crashing into the mountains. I couldn’t tell if I was in active pause or not, let the engine running and boy did that not go well

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You may not like it, but this is what peak airplane performance looks like

"oh geez it's very hot, i wonder how hot it is—Oh for fuck's sake" (that's 95F)

Finally found how to move the drone camera and how to tweak the depth of field. I can safely say I'll spend a lot of time just taking pictures...

A320 south of Tokyo

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