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Those two posts are sponsored by me digging up my noise cancelling bluetooth headphones because someone is using a circular saw next to my window and it's driving me nuts.

But now I also need to hook up a mic as to not have crappy-ass quality whenever i need to speak to someone.

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I know why, because Bluetooth apparently can't both send and receive audio or whatever but that's not my problem, there are harder problems we solved in computers, solve it!!

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Constantly upset about the fact that I can pay hundreds of dollars for stellar audio quality over bluetooth headphones BUT if I want to use the mic then nope, back to 8hz and everything sounds like shit. Even for video calls it's awful.


Me: *sleeps at random times of day, multiple times a day*

Also me, when I can't sleep at night:

I just found out that @kaleidoscopemac has been suspended?? Anyone knows what happened?

we've like.... literally always had cancel culture. deciding a human being has done bad stuff and we shouldn't associate with them anymore is a normal part of society my dude. it's just getting cancelled for practicing systemic prejudice in combination with the widespread reach of online communication that's new. rich ppl are just pissy you can get cancelled for being a bigoted fuck now

It's corny as hell but, like, that's 100% what I'm here for when listening to City Escape so it's Goodℒ️

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Side-tracking (eheh) from this, and holy shit I never knew Sonic Generations had a "classic" mix of City Escape that FUCKING SLAPS??? Holy shit???

Perhaps I should try the PC version at some point.

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Day 14: music with vocals.

Staying on the Sonic theme, the intro song to Sonic Heroes because that game was a big part of my GameCube days and I know it's not _that_ good but I'll fight you if you diss it

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Forgot to do Day 13, oopsie.
A game I didn't like? The only one i can think of is Sonic Generations on 3DS which I was hyped for at the time but was really disappointed by. I had to look it up and?? there's a Sonic Rush track in there?? Perfect.

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Love having to limit the frequency at which i run my offsite backups as to not hit Comc*st's bullshit data cap πŸ™„

Like, do I need/want to get into the whole OSSC/Framemeister shenanigans? The way i understand it's mostly for power-user/if you have more than one console at once or whatever?

The more i look stuff up the more unsure I get.

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