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And as I say that, I notice I forgot to change the audio codec to DTS-HD passthru instead of AAC Γ¨_Γ©

Anyway, I'm afraid I'll be the "makes copies of his Blu-Rays to put on Plex" type now.

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Time challenge the CPU a bit πŸ˜›

Also I think I'll need to see if there are some "passthrough" presets for Handbrake because I had to tinker with too many options so it doesn't try to crop or resample everything -_-

My kingdom for a way to automate the submission process of an extension update to Google Web Store, Mozilla Add-ons and Edge Add-ons πŸ˜…

Sure there's already a ton of "pokemonsay" packages out there but:
1) they're out of date
2) I don't want to pass this to cowsay or whatever, i just want to show a sprite πŸ™ƒ

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I could... use PokΓ©mon names and have their sprite show up as a motd on the devices... wouldn't that be something...

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My Sunday evening nerdy riddle: i want to name my devices something else than "Damien <device>", but where should I get the names from? πŸ€”

In another life I used names of Fullmetal Alchemist characters but idk if I want to go back to that..

Really wish Animal Crossing was a bit more lenient when you ask a song to K.K. Slider.. I had to ask for a given song three times because I messed up the name… how hard is it to do a fuzzy search internally…

Tired: watching people play videogames on Twitch

Wired: watching people play with their cats on Twitch

Also damn `exa` is nice

I was using `k` for the longest time and was afraid to use something else when switching to fish but it's as fast if not faster and has just the features I need πŸ™Œ

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Tried switching from zsh to fish on a whim yesterday night... also played around with pywal so iTerm2/VSCode have color schemes that match my wallpaper.

Really digging the relaxing vibe of those colors, not gonna lie

Yooo, i haven't seen anyone talking about this but... Panel de Pon localized in English on the SNES Switch Online??

I don't know who on the Apple Music team curated the Dance Throwback playlist but I'm very grateful because the mileage i got from this playlist is unheard of.

Sooo many old European dance anthems in there.

*Except i dont use pistachios because im not made of money and walnuts works just as good

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Although im using walnuts and not pistachios because im not made of money but i somehow have a shitton of walnuts hanging around

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I'll be honest and non joking when I say that Minecraft RTX got me more excited than this.

Not only because of the RTX part, but because you can mess with the real time lighting and it really adds value in a "creative" game.

In a AAA game where i can't touch anything? Meh.

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