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The Windows Experience:

I was using the OS normally when suddenly everything stopped working and the screen went black but clearly the computer was running. Absolutely no way of going back.

I’m baffled.

Every time I spend more than like 2h on Windows I miss my macOS bsp tiling window manager (yabai)...

Every similar option on Windows is either:
- unmaintained for half a decade
- paid
- is barely documented/barely works

uspol / open source / twitter link 

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uspol / open source / twitter link 

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uspol / open source / twitter link 

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This PR was brought to you by the Ghost of Not Following The Prettier Documentation About ESLint Integration.

I ignored the Ghost ages ago, now it came back to bite me.

Follow the recommended configuration, avoid that fate for yourself

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Me, 40mn ago: I'm going to fix that bug

Computer: Nope, you will fix your tooling!

Me: *grumbles* i hate computers anyway

Found out about r/programmeranimemes and i just can't

I’ve been listening to Nervelevers on loop for most of yesterday so I’m ready for the new Squarepusher album to drop tomorrow and to fuck me

Lurking on pcpartpicker trying to make a micro ATX build out of curiosity and it's like all the nice microATX cases aren't sold anymore and all that's left is ugly ass designs all around 😩

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@Eramdam sorry for being late, but:

a while ago, yx made a 48-byte DOS program that fills the screen with the trans flag:

(my personal 'record' is 64 bytes on the C64, but that's still too large...)

The (kinda messy) source code is here if you're curious. I'll test it for a few days in build mode but for something I threw together in a few evenings it's not too bar 🤷

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React NodeGui is basically "React Native But It's Qt". I never dealt with Qt in the past and I managed to do what I wanted so that's cool.

Now if only I could exclude my window from macOS' Mission Control that'd be perfect but I couldn't find any way to do that

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Spent a few days porting my Ubersicht-based custom menubar to React NodeGui so it wouldn't hog up my CPU just to display a simple bar. So far it seems like a success! Look at that memory usage!!

You ever try to look in a tight space and forget that your glasses' hitbox is larger than your head and get your glasses bent like a dumbass

In a very on brand move, I paused my Hero Academia episode to "quickly" write a userstyle that would make the Crunchyroll video player not tiny af. It tooks me almost half an hour but at least I'll be at peace now.

Here's a before/after and the code

You'll need Stylus for your browser, then click on the "Raw" button in the gist and you should be able to install it.

Now I'm going to finish watching my episode.

Like, i know sftp is "supposed" to be slower at times because security or whatever, but such a big delta between the optimal conditions and the worse ones is weird to me so idk what to think.

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