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And now I’m deep in doing this and having a blast designing an UI for it. No idea how to distribute it but 🤷‍♀️


I am *this* close to start considering building a web-based mpd client. I probably shouldn't but that rarely stopped me in the past...


I am *this* close to start considering building a web-based mpd client. I probably shouldn't but that rarely stopped me in the past...

Hello I spent my afternoon doing a small webapp that shows albums from a MPD playlist and allows me to play them because I almost always remember albums by covers more than I do by name lmao

Anyway, shout out to socket-io for behavely weirdly for no explicable reason and having washed up docs. Thanks, I'll avoid you forever.

Also, Chrome's autoplay/audiocontext interaction thing can't be disabled anymore and it's very very annoying having to click in the window when your whole project depends on listening to audio input and you reload like 200 times an hour.

Pro: i learnt how to use `ws`
Con: I REALLY wish I didn't have to do doubt a package that is supposed to be /the/ default choice for easy-to-use WebSocket stuff in Node but here we are lmao

In today's episode of "I love/hate computers":

I just had to spend an hour re-implementing websocket things in my side project because, somehow, socket-io is completely busted after having upgraded everything + went on Node v12.

As in, it sends events massively delayed.

And before anyone starts getting preachy about the hacky part, it's in a pet project of mine, trust me, it works, and trust me it's not the end of the world thx :P

Just learnt the hard way, after almost an hour, that if you have a set of React components that work well with classes and a bit of hack, then maybe you don't need to to migrate those to Hooks, unless you want to lose 1h++.

*whispers* At least Electron apps look and feel consistent /across platforms/ and maybe that's actually a good thing because if you use them you're not 100% tied to a given OS so switching is easier than it ever was. Just sayin.

But yall are too busy hating on Web technologies by default and being gatekeepy. Gatekeeping sucks, everywhere. Gatekeeping isn't suddenly okay because you're licking C's boots.

This hot take is brought to you by me seeing yet another « web app disguised as native apps » as if that’s like the worst evil in the world or some shit.

Also if I see someone « but my RAM usage », I’ll remind you that Java exists and its main legacy is RAM eating and UIs looking like ass.

Also somehow the Web is amazing when allowing people to do whatever but GOD FORBID them making apps with it so that makes Electron evil, smh.

Electron, JavaScript and Web Stuff are Fine, actually. I won’t take any replies.

Ironically, Tweetbot works better on iOS 13.2 than Twitter does, lol

Finally got around watching The Scrooge Mystery after having the Blu-ray in my shelf for more than a year now. What a great documentary/interview of Don Rosa!

Or maybe not low on RAM but at the very least in some apps (I noticed Slack and Twitter at least) everything randomly stops responding to touch events and I’m like… that’s some beta 1 level instability except it’s on a stable release 🙃

I don’t know what iOS 13.2 is doing with the RAM but every other 3rd party app is behaving as if I was running low on RAM. It’s.. very frustrating.

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